100 things to do while you're lucid.

Ooh, a list of stuff to do!

not done


Is this going to be your own personal list of things to do in a LD? Always nice to aim high. :happy:

yeah only have done 2 tho

Oooooh fun fun fun! :wink:

I like the one that says to enter a video game. How intense would it be going on a crazy adventure with your favorite characters? :colgate:


i think ive done about 20/100

yeah it be pretty cool, I once had a dream about entering grand theft auto it wasnt lucid tho

I think becoming animated could be in there. Although changing appearence might do that. Pretty awesome list!
I’ve definently done about 10 to 20 of them!

Some things were twice in the list :tongue: but it is a good list either way.

I’ve got my own personal LD quest list as well, although I haven’t managed to do one of them yet. I really don’t get lucid often lately :sad:

:music: Did about 50/100 dying for another epic battle right about now.

Another fun thing to do is to straight up control lightning, thats if your just going into lucidity for fun though:P

Yeah that’s one of my BIG Lucid Dream To Do’s :cool:

15 done only 75 to go :smile:

Great list, let me do one too!

2.Fly into space and explore planets and stars
3.Fly a TARDIS
4.Meet The Doctor
5.Learn Thu’um
6.Torture/kill people Done in a ND
8.Become giant and destroy everything.
9.Crash a plane into buildings.
10.Become a Slasher villain. Done in a ND
11.Morph into a animal.
12.Dance to “Dancing with Myself”.
13.Talk to a DC
14.Teach a DC how to fly and other fun stuff
15.Fly ( :neutral: ) Done
16.Try to post a thread to LD4all
17.Throw Earth in the sun.
18.Learn how to speak Gallifreyan.
19.Time Travel.
20.Go fish and catch weird dream fish!
21.Become a fish and swim!
22.Create a planet with the new human race and be their god.
23.Battle Daleks and Cybermen.
24.Go into a random DC 's memories.
25.Create two DC 's, put them in a fighting arena with weapons and make them fight to death.
26.Dig a hole to China.
27.Go into a videogame or a movie.
28.Become an ant and work
29.Become the Glitch Gremlin and annoy people with glitches.
30.Make DC 's into Rage comic people.
31.Watch a movie that i have seen and see if it had changed.
32.Go to a shooting range with every gun in the world
33.Go to Minecraft universe.
34.Rob a bank
35.Meet someone famous
36.Become a computer virus and wreck someone’s computer.
37.Skateboard all around the world
38.Play real life hangman with a DC
39.Find my DG and/or SG
40.Find a great way to LD
41.Visit Equestria (Don’t judge me :neutral: )
42.Find my dream sign.
43.Scare the crap out from a DC
44.Create a new drink and give it to DC 's and ask them what they think.
45.Try to have a shared dream.
46.Have a REALLY creative nightmare.
47.Chill around
48.Roast giant marshmallows
50.Play “minigames” with DC 's
51.Do drugs
52.Get high on bathsalts and eat a DC 's face off.
53.Eat my own flesh
54.Go all GTA in a city.
55.Play a videogame and see if it’s different.
56.Swim down to R’lyeh and meet Cthulhu, Dagon and Hydra. ( :cthulhuy: )
57.Meet H.P Lovecraft.
58.Run extremely fast. color=blue[/color]
59.Eat a pillow.
60.Hear colors and eat sounds.
61.Survive in wild.
62.Wear the Terror Mask
63.Go treasure hunting.
64.Become rich and buy the world
65.Drive a giant mecha robot.
66.Talk to Satan or God
67.Learn magic spells
68.Talk to stones.
69.Create a dream chamber with all my dreams.
70.Find ideas for drawings.
71.Become a dream demon like Freddy.
72.Actually have a long LD.
73.Eat water (???)
74.Make liquid toast and burn juice.
75.Find aliens
76.Become the 12th Doctor.
77.Rip my fingers off.
78.Survive a zombie apocalypse
79.Ride a dragon.
80.Go to a concert.
81.Step inside a mirror.
82.Find a dream’s source code ( :eh: )
83.Create a place where i will be in every dream.
84.Try the dream clock.
85.Run around in a city naked yelling “I’m dreaming!”
86.Clone myself and take over the world.
87.Go inside Amnesia : The Dark Descent.
88.Tell my SC my fears and have him turn my Lucid Dream into a Lucid Nightmare.
89.Become a worm.
90.Make good music.
91.Destroy all mosquitoes.
92.Go into a random house and wreck the whole place.
93.Become a robot and go berserk.
94.Play real life bomberman with DC 's
95.Have a dream within a dream within a dream.
96.Mine for diamonds.
97.Turn into Harry Warden and go put real hearts into heart shaped chocolate boxes.
98.Cause a nuclear meltdown.
99.Live like a boss!
100.Have an OBE

There are some of my goals :happy:

Amazing I must do that :thumbs:

Awesome! I can’t wait to try some of these out. :smile: Especially the first one.

That would be so fun!

I have one question… How can you find your dream guide?

My list:
Convince a DC that it’s not real
Torture a DC with my mind
Test out new governing ideas
Play catch with a dinosaur
Become a mermaid
Become a bounty hunter
Write poetry
Colonize a new planet
Steal the Krabby Patty secret formula
(plus most of what you mentioned)

I would so try to have sex with a celebrity!!!

Something I really love to do when I’m lucid (for some reason) is to change the color of things by snapping my fingers. I even once organized a magic show where I did this in front of a bunch of classmates hahaha

I also like using telekinesis to protect myself from enemies or other dangers, it’s very useful when your ld starts turning into a nightmare!

A very good list my friend :happy: I already did approximatly 10% of it. Haha lots to do in the future :smile: