100 things to do while you're lucid.

The first one is rather special. Creating a civilization and be their god. Nice! :smile:

Thanks! Really needed this! :happy: :woo: :content:

You wrote have sex twice. :happy:

It was a good list you made, and yet there are more things than that to do :tongue:

Only a hundred? I can think of thousands, just give me a couple dreams :wink:

WOW! How long did it take you to type these up :tongue:

glad you guys like them…took an hour or so…
please no more messages that there’s more then 100 things to do while lucid.
This is just 100 things of the thousands that you can do.

Wow. Great List man!

But I did realise a few things like, you said “use magic” twice and kill and torture people is basically killing people so yeah…

A bit more work on it and a few more people agreeing on it and it might become our official “100 things do do while your lucid” list :happy:

I’ve made 15/100 already. :happy:

thanks fixed the two problems tell me if you see anymore

Ooh, a list of stuff to do!

not done


Is this going to be your own personal list of things to do in a LD? Always nice to aim high. :happy:

yeah only have done 2 tho

Oooooh fun fun fun! :wink:

I like the one that says to enter a video game. How intense would it be going on a crazy adventure with your favorite characters? :colgate:


i think ive done about 20/100

yeah it be pretty cool, I once had a dream about entering grand theft auto it wasnt lucid tho

I think becoming animated could be in there. Although changing appearence might do that. Pretty awesome list!
I’ve definently done about 10 to 20 of them!

Some things were twice in the list :tongue: but it is a good list either way.

I’ve got my own personal LD quest list as well, although I haven’t managed to do one of them yet. I really don’t get lucid often lately :sad:

:music: Did about 50/100 dying for another epic battle right about now.

Another fun thing to do is to straight up control lightning, thats if your just going into lucidity for fun though:P

Yeah that’s one of my BIG Lucid Dream To Do’s :cool: