100 Year Dream

ok, the other dau i had a completely lucid dream that i lived (in the dream) to be 123 years old, but the cool part is, i actuaklly spent ewhat seemed like real time there, it was so frickin cool i cant describe it. it’s like an eternity in a few hours. anyone else had dreams this long?

so you are saying that it honestly felt as though you had dreamed for 123 years??


…Either you mind is playing tricks with your or your lying, as discussed in a related thread, it is simply put impossible for a human brain to process all the information of 100 years in a few hours, even if you do take into acount that lightspeed can be breached.

look, somehow i remember going through what seemed to be a very realistic 123 years, i swear. by no means am i lying. some things just cannot be explained, sorry, but they can’t.


Wow, cool. So, if you did indeed, live a 123 year long dream, you must have done everything anyone can possibly do in a lucid dream ! :cool_laugh:

I guess you didn’t spend 123 years just flying around… :grin:

For the sake of apearing humane I’ll asume your telling the truth.
What could have happened is that some dream created high points where driven into your long term memory, like anyone who lived 123 years would know, it’s impossible to remember everything.
Try looking for missing memory, like if you where married, a wedding, if you had a dog try remembering when you got him and when he died, things that logic would dictate but still seem to be missing.

Another issue discussed by us who have not had the plasure of experiencing such a long dream. Was there any problems after waking up? Such as remembering the previous day. Adjusting to your life as it was before. Shock? Anything like that?

well you’re a new member calling yourself the 100yeardreamer… sounds like someones pulling our leg hehe

yeah i’m sorry, but i think this is just fake!

Sure one is suspicious but let’s see what he answers, if he does answer.

I’d like to believe this is real. But something tells me he read about that guy who was in a coma for a couple years and claimed to live in a lucid dream for a hundred years.

If it is real, cool. If not, shame!

Something that’s also been bugging me about this:
The coma guy probably talked about 100 years because it was a huge amount of time, there is no arbitrary reason for 100 years so I’m asuming that he made an estimation.

Now this guy is talking about 123 years exactly, close to 100 but more and even a number that looks good esthetically.
If you don’t mind me playing his thoughts for a sec: “Theshe guysh are only gonna think I’m cool if I have über 1337 powersh. If I tell them I’m thish cool I’ll get friends for shure!”

Otherwise I’m clueless to the question; why?

In Narnia, magic makes the siblings remember who they are when they come out of the closet by magic. I’m assuming magic does not exist so how the hell did you adjust to your normal life? :eh: Sounds like a lame fake to me, or even an attempt to show that LD4Allers are gullible(so far it’s not showing much).

Ah yes, this might be an attempt by our rivaling forum All4LD to steal our users and make us look stupid!

Those cwaaaazy All4LD’ers, well get them at the baseball game next week and win our clubhouse back!

Giving that he’s already 14, and claimed that he lived in the dream until he was 123, that tells me that the dream supposedly lasted 109 years.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, as it’s possible that 100yeardreamer is just describing a relatively long dream in which he played the role of himself after supposedly aging more than a century. But I’d be skeptical to believe that he actually experienced 109 separate birthdays and countless other events throughout the course of that time. Even if only for how calm he is now, supposedly just a few days after the dream. I don’t know about you, but if I woke up to discover that my entire life from the age of 14 onwards was just a dream, I don’t think it would be possible to re-adapt to society so quickly.

Just imagine waking up tomorrow and realizing that you’re still 7, and the last 10 to 15 years of your life were just a dream, along with every little experience you’ve had in that time. You’d be a shivering wreck, and your attempts to explain it to your parents would probably land you in a padded cell. :tongue:

Fake! :tongue:

maybe its a desperate attempt to troll the only stable, intelligent (ish) site on the internet? I mean come on, ytmnd and youtube are great, but those people make the concept of the DarQ side look like advanced astro-physics.

maybe u could user common sense to debate why i got the name “100yeardreamer” maybe… i just liked the idea so much i thout it’d be a cool SN. but, now thart you mention it, there are huge blank spots, nm important, but i had a dog named robotoppers in it. also, when i woke up i had lots of trouble remembering the past 2 real days. and i’m actually 21, but 123 seems more, oh how shall i put it, longer?, but, if this is gonna turn into the roswell of the internet than by all means, forget about it.

…Ok, so are you 14 or 21?

Anyway, the human mind is famous for playing tricks on itself, and the holes in your memory seem to be a symptom of that.
If you don’t mind, I’ll give you a list with events in a normal human life, could you cross off what you can remember?

Religious birth festivity:
1st day kindergarten:
1st day of whatever the things called that comes after kindergarten:
1st day of regular school:
First kiss:
First love:
First dancing party:
1st day of high school:
If available, last day of highschool:
If available, 1st and last of college:
First and last day of lifejob:
When you met your wife:
When she died:
First loss of hair:
20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th (etc) birthdays:
When you family members died:

This should suffice for now.
Keep in mind this is a 17 y/o making a list of a life.

Just from what you are saying 100year it doesnt sound real. Is it just me or does anyone else notice this?
When people tell you things there is generally a ‘real’ or ‘false’ feeling from them even when it is over the net.

He still hasn’t said anything thats made me think that this was real in any way manner or form.