24 hour consciousness

Would being able to have 24 hour consciousness guarantee a lucid dream every time?

Do you mean being concious 24 hours, including when you’re asleep? Cos if so, then an LD is when you’re concious during you sleep…

If you mean stay awake for 24 hours and then go to bed, it doesn’t guarantee a LD (though it may improve your chances).

Yah I mean being conscious during your sleep.

I’ve been reading about some people who have been able to do this. But how can this really be called sleep, since the definition of sleep (by dictionaries) includes a state of unconsciousness?

The people who wrote those definitions hadn’t heard of LD’ing I guess.

I guess of you achieved perfect LL, then it could happen.

I heard that it’s damn-near impossible to do this because your body REQUIRES a certain time of unconciousness. But, I guess you can be trained to do otherwise huh? WHy don’t you set up an experiment dude?

hah, if you look at most of society they are unconscious just about full time. they hardly think for themselves but either stare at the TV or are spaced out and don’t make their decisions but take someone else’s word.

however if you do wish to achieve 24/7 full consciousness it would be hell on your brain as it does need to relax every once and a while, just like your physical body.

It is not that we need a certain amount of unconsciousness. What we do need is delta sleep. Having consciousness in delta does not reduce the states effectiveness. Just like consciousness in REM does not reduce the effectiveness of that state. IMO it makes it better. The same might be true with consciousness in delta sleep.

yeah, its possible to maintain consciousness during delta, but I dont know if it is as restorative, my guess would be that it is.

I’m pretty sure it is fine to be concious 24hour a day, but you may get sick of it. And it would be difficult to achieve.

Aha! I have an idea of how to do it. Use the Uberman sleep schedule, and WILD in on every nap!

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