360 vision idea!!!!!

Ok, i have heard you all talk bout 360 vision. But, i have an idea that might make it work.
Ok, what you do is imagine 1 eye appear on the side of your head that u can see out of, then when u have master that make one appear next to it, and master that, then, keep on adding eyes untill they go all the way around your head :grin: good idea?

Never heard of that one…lol!

Nice to try anyway… :happy:

hmmm i wonder what would happen if i gave myself the suggestion i look 2 dimensional or 4 dimensional?


So your the kind of person that adds some extra legs if u would want to run harder in a ld hahaha

Hmm or an extra mouth 4 kissing Salvadori Dali would love that i think…

:beer: :rofl:

This just goes to raise the question of unknown senses that we may be able to discover with the aid of lucid dreaming. Im not talking about just experiencing our five senses that we have now to uncanny lengths, but to discover new and unknown senses to experience reality with.

To answer the question of what might be some of these unknown senses might be, I have absolutley no idea. :content: It will take a mighty high imagination to find one. :wink:


Hmmm indeed it will be a real challenge to experiment with these…
But i will try a double mouth 4 kissing in a ld…will be fun :happy:

Nice thinking real creative! :oof: :rofl: :oof: :rofl:

Hmmm, could work as long as you don’t look at yourself in a mirror :panic:

find new senses… hmmm.

I suppose you could develop senses like fear-sense. Most animals have that, or is that just the smell. I guess you could smell fear… if somebody’s frightened enough :happy:

That’s interesting. Certain types of sharks sense some sort of high-frequencies (sonar?), and dolphins use them for something too. It must be amazing to navigate like bats without seeing anything.

It would be fairly cool to navigate around without having to use your eyes, but unfortunately closing your eyes is pretty much the best way known to man for ending a LD -at least for most people. :smile:

Also, upon opening them there is a chance you will be in a completely different world, let alone room of your house. Maybe instead you could try enhancing your current senses in some way? Perhaps giving yourself X-ray vision, or the ability to zoom in on things. Now that I think about it, that could actually be quite fun. I’ll try it tonight. :grin:

I think it would be pretty hard to imagine what 360 vision would look like. But what i think you should do is before adding that sense to you, put goggles on that allow you to have 360 vision. The goggles should have like curved lenses (like fish eye objective on camera which allows you to see 180) and maybe mirror or something… you make it up, dosnt really matter what they look like since they are made up by you in your lucid dream… after that it might be easier to add more eyes onto yourself, or move your eyes to the sides of your head which would also allow 360…

Umm… I had a dream that I experienced that for the first time. Let me post my long dream. Be forewarned that it’s very, very long!

I was very lucid because somehow I fell asleep while I was still conscious. My dreams began to come in fadely and one thing bothered me really bad is the vibration. It was a pulse of my heartbeat, it kept on targeting my neck and it made me feel really dizzy. It was powerful and I wanted to stop it because it felt so weird. I stopped this dream and then other dream started as if I was stuck in this loop. The vibration became stronger and stronger. Finally after hopping from one dream to other, the scene stablized.
The room’s color was mainly silver and grey. There was a huge flat black monitor on the wall along with huge keyboard attached to the steel. I barely could focus as the vibration was buzzing my whole body from my neck.
“Computer, why am I buzzing? I cannot focus.” I asked, feeling myself giving up.
“You are being tested,” The computer replied, “The vibration will become more powerful soon.”
The room started to spin around me slowly as the vibration’s pulses became faster and became stronger at the same time. Dizziness started to wear me out as the spinning room went faster and faster until I could no longer see any details because it would be blurred from spinning so fast. I blacked out for a moment then when I was back in my dream, I could sense that the computer was a bit disppointed. The vibration became bothersome to me and I was exhausted from this dream for no reasons. The room started to spin again and all of a sudden, I was being aware of the room as if I had 360* vision and 360* “sensor” feeling. I no longer could see the room as it was very blurry from spinning so fast, but I could feel the room as if I was able to see the details… even everything inside the walls and inside the computer. It was so weird. I drew all of my strength to focus so I wouldn’t lose conscious. The vibration was hitting me real hard that it got to the point where it was tingling and warm. The room stopped spinning and I was floating above the blue flame. I decided to dive into the flame because I knew that the vibration is protecting me somehow. Once I dave into the flame, I experienced the most wonderful feeling as if I was being purified. I was being attracted to something else so I flew out of the flame and then I ended up in the front of the huge computer. The old style green letters appeared that said, “Hello,” on the huge screen.
“Congratulations, you have passed my test,” the computer said telepathically, “I have a special mission for you. You might have discovered that you’re echanced further. There are some rules that you need to know. You will never be able to knelt for your own protection (as the computer said that, I sensed that it wanted me to try it to see what it meant. I knelt and as soon as I get to about one inch away, I was immediately pushed by an unknown force into my standing mode, it was comfortable actually). You cannot sit either unless you really WANT to or needed, otherwise the same force will push you back into the standing mode. If you are in danger, this power will protect you. Understand?”
“Yes.” I nodded.
“Ok, you know your mission. I trust you with my heart.” The computer said.
I sensed the huge doors opening behind me. The bright sun’s light was being letted in. I turned around and there, I was right. I flew off and I ended up flying above the river. Suddenly, I saw something shining so I took a dive and I was stopped rapidly when I almost crashed into the “beach”. I knew immediately that my renew power is doing its job to protect me. I felt proud and honored to have this power. With my “sensor” feeling, the shining objects were quarters. I was excited to collect them so I could save them in my little “coins” bank. Suddenly, I sensed two people behind me so I turned my “vision” and barely saw two guys in black coat walking toward me. Then I realized that I was still floating, even when I was one inch away from the surface for it that my power was protecting me. The vibration had subsided. I woke up and the whole length of time was only 30 minutes.

Bizarre eh? I didn’t mean to get 360* sensor feeling and vision, but it’s something that I can use to know that I can do it when I become lucid again in my dream :smile: Hey maybe I should try that google thing tonight… maybe it will work. :smile: Because I usually always have that 360* sensor feeling for some reasons and I have an ability to detect people’s feelings/mood and their thoughts (depends on if I wanted to focus or not lol).

8 eyes, 2 mouths, 6 arms, 3 nipples… need i go lower? :wink:

No thanks. :eek:

I don’t believe that we ever have inherent senses that we need to discover, but only internal representations of external input that are specialized to input types. There are certain parts of the brain specialized for dealing with aural input or visual input, but there is also a more central “input processing” part of our brain that handles X type of input. When we make up new senses in our dreams, I think the information is represented differently internally but still only stimulates certain pre-existing specialized portions of our brain.

Sorry if somebody said this, but:

In an LD, find a door. Say to your self that on the other side of the door you find a list of your senses. If you can’t read, make it various cubes and whatnot. Make it so that when you touch one of the cubes, all senses will be blocked except the one inside the object (touch a ball, and all you can do is here).

Sorry if that’s not very clear :neutral:

It’s not sensing anything new, they can just hear higher pitched sounds then we can.

originally i had a hugely long post here, but i just removed it before i even posted it. it didnt even make sense to me…

anyway. what i would like to have in a dream is some kind of sense for emotions. think of having a thousand people in front of you, all in a state of perpetual bliss. and you can feel every little bit of it. now THAT would rock.

other than that, i am content with the senses i have now. maybe increase their sensitivity, but that would be about it.