3D Modelling

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I am thinking of learning 3D Modelling…if i do LDing would be SUCH a great experience. Everything i see will be a new world to create…the only thing that is keeping me back is that im still learning C++ im planning to make an MMORPG and C++ and 3D Modelling are both in my scedual but maybe i shouldnt do 3d modelling for a while. Once i get good enough at both il beable to make 3d games that are based on my dreams so i can always remember them clearly…

Whats your oppinion?

That is a great idea. In fact, i actually do that.
As i make maps for a game (which’s name is unimportant), i can and often do create my dreamworlds to play on.

Since i’ve become a pretty skilled modeler, people i show are in awe…
perhaps i’ll post an image one day

I would be interested if you could :smile:

you know c++ or anything? or are you purely on 3D Modeling?

I map for Unreal and I’ve created one or two dream places before. The more detail I put into the map, the better I can remember the dream.

Off topic, but I just thought I would throw it in here.
I didn’t like programming with C++, I much preferred Java.

I know how to map for jedi academy. However, since it’s the quake 3 engine, it’s not as detailed as you might want it to be. Blender is a good program to make 3D stuff, but it’s hard to use.

i map for Jedi Outcast, and the quake 3 engine is really good for detail if you know how to use it =D

I know java, but not much C++. mostly just modeling (Maya is good)

I know Java and a little C++. And I really want to get into 3D modeling. What would you guys say the best program for it is?

C++? I happen to learn that too. In fact, I want to make a game that will corporate dreamscapes… How about this: If we could make a standard for Dreamscape maps, we could even re-enact them! That’ll be cool.

Theres an idea, a program easy to use to recreate our dreams, and we can upload them online and share them… woah. :grin:

An easy way to check out 3D modelling would be to download the freeware package Blender3D. This is a really powerful 3D modelling software package (don’t let the price - FREE!) fool you. It’s open source, and it has been around for quite a few years now.

Except It’s perhaps one of the hardets program’s to use.
Ever… lol