5 dreams

Yesterday I got really interested in LD and decided to start trying to LD in the future. I did some RC last night, and said that “I would remember my dreams, wake up, and write them down in the morning”.

So last night, I woke up at 4:11 and I wrote down my dreams, I had 3 of them. It took me until 4:32 (I’m extremely good at remember times and numbers btw) to write down these dreams. I then fell asleep, woke up, and wrote down 2 more dreams that I had. It was 6:42 so I had to get out of bed, man did I want to dream some more.

For clarity, I wrote 3 1/4 pages in my journal for the night. All of the dreams were very vivid.I don’t really remember anything that was peculiar in the first dream. The second and third dreams had subtle oddities. The fourth dream was me playing a video game, so it was pretty obvious that it was a dream when I woke. The last dream was me trying to figure out where I was. I was confused the entire time. I was looking at street signs, too bad I didn’t realize they were changing or something like that. Unfortunately I saw a street sign that I recognized and came up with a logical reason for my confusion.

So my question is, 5 dreams on the first night, is this normal? unexpected? fluke? a good sign?

I hope I get this many dreams tonight, however, I’m not going to expect to get this many, because I don’t want to be stressed and bummed if I only dream once or not at all.

It depends on the person, but just from what I’ve read around here, 5 dreams on the first night, especially if they’re vivid, is great! I remember about 4 dreams per night, usually only one of them vivid, and I’ve been keeping a dream journal for a few months now, so I would say that this was a very good night. But, like you said, don’t get down if your nights aren’t that great all the time. Just keep recording and see what your norm is.

Good luck, lobster, and good dreaming.