You can get it at GNC.

It’s odd… 5-HTP seems to have suppressed my dreaming (REM dreams?) somehow…
I think tonight I’ll give it a break and try a wake up method instead…

I tend to notice it most when I wake up in the morning but go back to sleep. That’s when the dreams are just mind blowing.

I didn’t take 5-HTP this night. Instead, as a kind of break, I did a whey protein and green tea mix, took that when I woke up after 3 hours at night. I got a very vivid dream afterwards but no lucidity.
Still it’s positive.

sounds like you lot are all dope fiends
i think i may invest in 5-htp
ha its found in cheese
so thats why cheese is supposed to help
makes sence

Every time I take 5-htp my dream recall drops down to zero… I wonder…
Seems like 5-htp isn’t helping me…

It’s interesting though how dream lizard posted his dream recall went up… For me it’s the opposite with 5-htp…

Other factors at work besides the 5-HTP. Maybe Lizard had other things in him at the moment and HTP’s effect combined with the others. When things like that happen they happen on scales of doubling each other. No success with it for me at moment though.

That’s quite possible. Another factor could be what I eat, if I don’t eat bread that day it could reduce the b6 in my body I suspect… (unless I take a supplement for that)

Hm… so what do you guys think? Should i get some or not…


Cause i want to get something for xmas that will help me with LDing.

where do you people get it normally ?

Health food store.

At the pharmacy the pharmacy told me ‘never heard of the stuff get me a bottle to see’… lol

I stopped it and first had a noisy WILD (failed to remember I was dreaming though), then the next day I had a lucid dream… then forgot afterwards so I didn’t write it down…

I think this might interrest some of you : umm.edu/altmed/articles/5-htp-000283.htm

thanks… its interesting. Though I’m leaning more towards natural methods right now.

It says side effects flatulence - has anyone got that?
From taking 5-HTP that is :razz:

read this thread, and I am wondering about something. For those of you who have used this product for an extended period of time, do you worry about dependence? I saw where somebody said when they quit taking it their dreams became less vivid and interesting. I would be interested in trying this out, but not at the cost of loosing my ability to recall dreams naturaly, without pharmacalogical assitance that is.

So has anybody used this for extended periods of time and then quit? If so, what was the result.

I wanted to respond to a few posts here.

  1. 5-HTP is not found in cheese. Tryptophan is found in cheese. Tryptophan becomes in part 5-HTP.

  2. Sadly brand will matter as many companies use low quality herbs latent with pesticides and other nasties. GNC sucks. That is my opinion as a nutritionist.

  3. I have taken 5-HTP for long periods of time with only positive results. I stopped taking it without problem.

This is something that is naturally produced by the body. The problem is that there is an extremely poor understanding of proper nutrition out there. Peoples diets tend to either lack tryptophan and peoples small intestines tend not to absorb nutrients from their food and supplements. Also serotonin production is greatly hampered by our stressful modern lives which are so full of pollutants.

whale.to/cancer/k/Chapter_4.html here is a link were you can find information on the why around the small intestine bit.

No I didn’t. I only take either one or two tabs 50mg each.

This night I took 1 tablet and had a long sequence of dreams, very vivid. Even dreamt of an earthquaked town, with all the rubble. Went lucid once I think but lost lucidity soon… :sad:

I’m trying to eat turkey whenever possible for the tryptophan content.

My 5-HTP is HealthAid’s. I’m also experimenting at the moment with green tea extract, that’s interesting stuff.

iv recently started taking these and if you wanna see the effects its had read my dream journal