9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis (By Ryan Hurd)

Is normal, while SP I hear heavy sound in my ears, it’s unbearable ?

Great article, but I don’t think of SP as an scary experience, it’s very interesting and I just love pulling sensation, just like described in article feeling of being pulled toward mattress. I would describe this sensation like there are a billion little hooks attached on my body and someone or something is pulling me down with strings!

Just awesome! :grin: Oh, and the best part of all this when I woke up whether is just SP or LD the feeling of my heart racing, it’s like my heart would like to come out of my chest, like there is no enough place for heart beats, I don’t know, it just make me feel ALIVE! :grin:

I agree alot with dB_FTS. I enjoy SP. And as you mentioned, it can be a tool to easily step into an LD so under no circumstances would I wish to break SP.

I experience it last night and it was awesome! I was vibrations like some crazy phone and then all of a sudden I was floating… good time :happy:

Yeah, about breaking it… I sometimes do that on purpose just to relive it again, I know that’s crazy because the goal is LD, but still! :grin:

dB_FTS, First I want to say that you have been really helpful with this start of my journey and I am going to see if I can get into SP again tonight and stay in it so I can attempt to have a lucid dream. I don’t think it is gonna be that easy but I am just hoping that I can become Lucid by staying in SP. If this works I will be so siked and happy. I have been skeptical about Lucid Dreaming and just want to get it to work. It will :help: so much if I could just have like a test dream like here’s your test of a LD now go learn and have many more. :eek: This would be very helpful and make me confident with learning how to perfect it. :content:

I do number 5, except instead of focusing on my breath I simply hold my breath. It has worked every time so far, and has also worked for when I wanted to awaken from my lucid dreams.

Yeah, I’m with Beeclock, just hold your breath and you wake up. I used to struggle to move a limb but too many times i would be in such an awkward position (Legs crossed and laying on my arm) I had to find another method.

Well this was certainly worth reading, and I’ll keep it in mind.

I had my most intense SP ever this morning. What happened was I was about to fall asleep and I thought about lucid dreaming and how one should stay calm, because I felt my heart beating very fast. That triggered me noticing my SP. I knew what was happening and was pretty happy with myself for not freaking out. I was thinking “hah! How ridiculous that all those people seemed to think it was a scary experience”. I remember moving my lips and moving slightly. I sort of felt as though I had broken it.

So I opened my eyes.

Bad idea. I felt I deserved it afterwards though! Thanks for the article.

When I’m in SP I can’t pick up my head :help: (or move my body obviously.) When I struggle I can’t break it but when I relax I can. I never knew it was SP before I found this site. (And this thread.)

Why wake up when it can give you a lucid dream?

We have had this disussion before but recently I read a forum piece on teleporting. When you have the “thing behind you” or “walking it mud or tar” feeling…just teleport. Dreams are jumpy anyway so we do it even when we don’t want to some times. Waking up is good but as some have said “why?”. Just try teleporting to someplace else.

i understand how sleep paralysis works n all, but it happened to me last night where i feel something pushing me down into the bed, but i was able to scream and call for help(i was wide awake when it happened, and when i screamed it didnt stop) so i need someone to explain this to me

Interesting experience, artfreak. I had something similar last night: I woke up in the middle of the night because something touched my face. When I opened my eyes, I saw an extremely large spider hanging from the ceiling right over my head, covering it completely, touching my face with its’ legs and whiskers. :neutral: It freaked me out so I jumped out of the bed and by doing so, I hit the spider that it flew to the porch door which is just behind the bed. I spent the next couple of minutes trying to stop it form getting out (I had a strong feeling that it shouldn’t be allowed to leave the room) and to catch it from between the curtains and the outside roulette but I messed it up and it escaped because I didn’t drop the roulette completely to the floor. :wam: I could hear it crawling on the roulette and window, then, after a while, all went quiet.

I’ve had my share of FA’s so I thought this was a FA at first, but after confirming a couple of times that I was wide awake, this kind of puzzles me… :neutral:

Anybody else had something similar?


Sweet I can’t wait to Try that 10th one. But just in case my fiancée knows to wake me I’ve gotten to were I can move my arm then tap on her or shake my head and she’ll feel it and wake me. But to wake myself I’ve had to make myself nice quickly andabruptly to wake myself up. If this world that will be awesome

Most the time I have to move my leg or shake my head abruptly and very quick to easier up but if my fiancée is with me then I just shake my head against her or, I’ve gotten to were I can move my arms slowly with allot of effort in part thanks to my kung fu. But I’ll shadow my head against her or put my arm on her then tap my fingers on her to wake her so she can wake me but if this works then I’ll use it and ifit does worth then maybe I’ll try relaxing and go with it to try to go into a lucid dream. But most the time I try not to have those. I have them allot but there usually very bloody gory and I’m fighting with people and out usually end in more than one fatality. And I dispize violence I love all life I train to fight so I don’t have to and if I do I can take out the person with out much effort and without hurting them to bad that way way I’m safe and there ok. But I like them when there not but 90% if the tone it’s like that I wish it wasn’t but I’ve had a pretty hard life fighting was a normal thing until Pepe started realizing that the little guys worse to need with than the big guy. But anything top ad or maybe help so if I do stay with it then I don’t have such horrible dreams would be greatly appreciated thank you and sorry skit the spelling errors I tried yofix them but I’m using a phone and everyone I click on something the scream jumps and I wind up s some were rose on the page thanks again

Thanks! I’m trying to reach SP for WILD. Reading these points makes me realize what I might be doing to prevent SP. I’m going to see if I can try this in reverse.

About fifteen yrs ago I was asking the koan, “how do I know I believe in Christ, rather than just believing, I believe”. Impossible to answer. I had a dream, I was in my old house, bedroom. A good friend came and got me, and we went next door. There were a bunch of my friends, but they all had a green tint to their faces. They said they could not touch me, so they were waiting for CHUD. Carnivorous, humanoid, underground, dweller. I never saw the movie. Next I was hit from behind. I woke in my room and could see everything, but could not move and was in convulsions. I cried out for Jesus to save me. The convulsions immediately stopped and I knew I believed in Christ, as I called out for Christ in reflex to circumstance, rather than conscious consideration. Recently I had a dream, and I kept dreaming I woke up. The third time there was music playing and I knew there was no radio in my room. The voice on the radio identified itself as Buggy Bear. I called out to Christ, as I do when I am in difficult situations and it did not work. The voice chided me that Christ could not save me. I then concentrated on breaking the voices grip myself and did. Having demonic “Dreams”(?), the last my skin was flayed from my body, my bones shredded and my skull popped, then cast into the abyss. I am usually quite competent in the dream, but things are getting a little sticky. Hoping to find a way to strengthen myself in the dream.

I am not really scared of SP. I know its the last step before getting a lucid dream and so I am looking forward to it :smile: I once heard that you have to change your breathing rythm to stop the SP, but I never used this technique before :smile: