A diary to be used by all... The Nightmare Diary

… ^^~ I don’t know if this was a nightmare… but it was certainly a more frightening dream-- alarming is a better word…

I was in my house-- then when I looked out the window, I saw a moose. And it was giving birth infront of the driveway.
I wanted to make sure nothing attacked it-- besides that, I enjoyed watching nature.

My father and sister warned me not to go out.

I steppped outside, and a horse came our of nowhere, and knocked me down-- and tried over and over again to bite me, I pushed it away with my feet by it’s neck and I got away.

It really got my heart pumping-- I’ve never been attacked ever in my dreams…

I’ve had nightmarish type dreams since I was a child. Obviously as a child I found them scary but now I sort of like them it appeals to my horror movie side of me and I’m always aware that I’m in my dreams when I do have nightmares.

This topic seems pretty cool so next time I have a nightmare I’ll try and write it down and post it here.

Really gross nightmare last night:

In a dark room, a boy, about my age, is standing in front of a big white, slimy slug (not taller than his knees, though) with lots of very long, black antennas coming out of all over its body. And it’s talking to the boy, telling it, in a very serious way, that from now on he should stop having anal sex with it and make love to it from the front instead, as the anal sex was damaging its weak insides. The boy isn’t really listening, and looks really sad. Later he talks to a friend of his in a bar, telling him how he’s fallen in love with a girl, but doesn’t know how to tell the slug that he doesn’t want to be with it. The friend just tells him to do it. I think the boy had got into the relationship with the slug as a desperate attempt at having sex with absoutely anything, he didn’t care. But he had later understood that it had been a bad idea, as the slug had taken it very seriously, and demanded sex from him, against his will. I then woke up.

So, ARGH! What a disgusting, depressing dream. :razz:

Brilliant! I laughed my bottom off. :cool_laugh: :grin:

My worst nightmare ever was when I was standing in front of the mirror, in the bathroom (you see it coming? :content:). Suddenly an evil and fat version of me appeared in the mirror right next to my mirror picture. It looked at me with his wide, big and evil (still normal-humanoid) eyes. I was really scared and couldn’t do a thing; I was not able to move any more because of the huge shock. Luckily, then I woke up, still scared though.

It’s not exactly a nightmare but I waked up very scared.

I was very short. A girl was sleeping, lying in her bed, an a old man appeared on the bottom of her bed and started to pull her legs. I was in the room also, and when I wanted to stop him and moved, he coldly looked at me an shouted “You shouldn’t be here!”. Then he pushed me, and I waked up. The first thought I had after this was “How could he push me out of my dream?”, and my heart was beating very fast.

Not a very frighteningh nightmare, but the first I’ve had since I started improving Dream Recall.

Extraordinary one indeed. :neutral:

I now know one of my friends daily has a couple of almost-nightmares. Every day two or three! That certainly is not nice. :bored: But I have helped him and now he is progressing. :smile:

I’ve been gettin tornado-themed nightmares ever since grade 3, and I’ve been havin Ebola virus-themed nightmares for years, although both are quite uncommon now. The reason for these is because I used to read about both subjects a lot in my childhood (and sometimes I still do), and for some reason, they choose to haunt me in my dreams. They are often the MOST frightenin experiences ever, with feelins of impendin doom and nearby death.

none of my dreams are actually nightmares, but i’m always terrified in them, and i always wake up terrified! any suggestions? has this ever happened to anyone else? i have a feeling that if i manage to gain lucidity, i’d be able to stop it, but i can’t get lucid, either…

I remember a reoccurring nightmare when I was very young.

A man would be in my house, I think it was Jason from Halloween. He would be walking towards my bathroom and I would be behind him. He didn’t know I was there and I had a knife in my hand. Just as he reached the bathroom I always launched forward and stabbed him in the back as hard as possible. The knife would always sink deep inside him.

But every time he turned around like nothing happened and came towards me…

Thats when I woke up. Same thing every time… creepy.

I’ve got a really vivid memory of my worst nightmare…

It was nighttime, and I was wandering the streets (don’t know why, just felt like looking at the stars). It was really dark, and I thought I heard something behind me. I looked, but didn’t see anything. I continued walking, and I heard more noises. By this time I was getting a little freaked out, and I started running. I heard another pair of footsteps chasing me, and when I spun around to look I saw a guy with a gun! :panic: He was pointing it towards me, looking really angry. I could tell he was a psychopath, and I was terrified. I started running as fast as I could until I saw a building up ahead. The dude was still chasing me, and I could hear gunshots–he was shooting at me now! I screamed and swung open the double doors of the building, the psycho still close behind. I couldn’t tell what kind of building it was–it looked very proffesional, like a lab or something. I darted into a large room in the building, hoping I’d lost the evil dude. All of a sudden, a different guy–this one was holding a really long, sharp-looking knife–popped out from a corner of the room, his eyes wide. He gave me a wicked, demented grin and swung his knife at me. I freaked out and ran straight out of that room, but then noticed that the other guy with the gun was standing right outside, waiting for me! :help: He shot a couple of times, but luckily he missed and I was able to leap into another hallway. It had lots of twists and turns, and I could hear both of the psychos chasing me and arguing over which way I went. I quickly darted through a random door and locked it behind me, hoping that all those turns had lost them. Suddenly, though, I heard the doorknob rattling. I knew it was the psychopaths! They were coming in, and I screamed at the top of my lungs.

All of a sudden, my eyes darted open and I realized I was sitting up in bed, holding a pillow up in front of me like a shield. I was sweating like crazy, and I was gasping for breath. My mom was in my room next to my bed, looking just as terrified as I did. “I just came in here to wake you up, and you just suddenly started screaming in your sleep!” my mom said. The dream had nearly given both me AND my mom a heart attack!

That nightmare still freaks me out whenever I think about it…

I don’t have nightmares anymore. Once I prayed that I would never have a nightmare again, and I don’t. I think of this as a very interesting coincidence, or the power of my subconscious and nothing more. :razz:

So, the last nightmare I actually had twice. Or maybe I dreamt that I had it twice. I was about 7 when I had it. I made the tremendous mistake of going inside a creepy looking house. I was thrown down a flight of stairs, and when I looked up…

An old lady was in a suspended rocking chair, cackling.


Hey I remember I used to have this horrable dream in my childhood. It was a RN and I would always wake up when my parents died ( In the dream they are alive in real life).

The dream was that I was at soccer practice and I saw this abandand car. me and my friends would look into it and no one saw anything exept the cars interier exept me. I saw a man who looked like he was in a waking coma then he would jump at me and hit the window. After that I had the grim reaper following me. The thing was nobody including me could see him. I just new he was there and whan I told sombody noone would listen. After that I saw the car every were. The man inside was gone but every time I saw the car death would try to hurt me. I would get hurt pretty bad but he would never kill me. After a couple days of this I got a letter in the mail saying I was invited to a soccer party thing in this lab. There were two pathes I could take now. I could choose not to go and then I would get three letters saying if I didnt go my parents would die. they would always die in a different way and there were so many I forgot what they were. The second path was to go there and then a bunch of scientists would strap me down and bring out a huge needle ( I have had a needle fobia since I was three) and prick me in the arm with it. the thing is every time he pricked me I would wake up with a pain in my arm like somone had stabed me with a needle.

i had a nightmare before it was so bad. i hate the mirror RC because i always lokk freaky anywas i was running through my house because i have a darkness phobia and i ran into the bathroom ( now in real life i cant look at a mirror without the lites on it just freaks me out) then i turned on the light stared in the mirror and i was there having this evil grin and then it sucked me in the mirroralmost like we switched places. everthing went black and then i woke up. i think it means like im now a diffrent person and need to change. :eek:

one nithmare i had was were i was in my bed and i fell asleep then i was in this dream world were theres water jungles just eerything and i had to collect thies stones to get bak to RL then i got the stones i woke up in my bed agoan (in the dream) my mom was vacumming i went back to bed that night ( like i skiped th entire day) then i did the same thing but it was like a movie and i was swinging uderwater and droped my bag of stones it zoomed in on the stones like impliyng i couldnt get back but then i found the golden stone which ment i couldnt get back to this place if i used it, so i grabed a rock and a stick in each hand and used the stone i woke up to find my hand had turned into stone and my other hand had turned into a tree. then i really woke up :confused:

Me and my girlfriend were in my bedroom and the lightswitch controlled 3 lights in the room, one by one they all went off and I jumped onto the bed and curled up. I expected to hear a really fast and sharp violin sound and I did for about 10 seconds. I escaped the nightmare then… but man that violin is scary :cry:

I don’t have many actual nightmares now, but I had one last night.

I was in this big building castle like place with people from school. We were in this library computer type room that was huge. There was this monster that looked like a person with long hair that could fly, teleport, clone itself, and do spells and it was trying to kill us all. We were trying to collect something (don’t remember what it was or exactly what we were doing) and someone said something like “If we get this done we’ll feel better since we’re going to die anyway.” If one of us left the room to go somewhere else we’d have to be extremely careful beause the monster would appear and kill you. There was a part where I was in a hallway and I saw it. I was really scared and was trying to hide from it and had my face covered. When I was in the huge room again the monster came and casted a spell where you couldn’t see anyone at all; the room looked empty except for the monster. I could see one other person and said I could which broke the spell and angered the monster. Another time it came back and I was a Pokemon. It did some spell which hurt me and I said “Just kill me now” and it blasted me or something and I was on the floor. I wasn’t dead, but I faked it and the monster went away for a while.

The nightmare didn’t have much of a story to it and is really jumbled up in my memory right now. But it’s one of the few nightmares where I actually felt fear.

The latest of one of my nightmares involved very gruesome scenes of torture, punishments, rituals and violence. i don’t think i can- or should- describe them all, because it might cause them to linger further in my memory. But since you asked, i have a horrible (repetitive) nightmare where i am travelling somewhere in Africa or Asia (have never been in RL) and i am told there will be a big festival that day, and i am invited and i go and it turns out to be to some horrible ritual involving female gen. mutilation, or the cutting off of a hand of some one caught stealing or whippings or stonings and all that kind. I want to run away and i cannot get away, or i am forced to watch. I usually wake up and i have a very hard time falling asleep again.
It might have to do with the fact that i used to volunteer for Amnesty International and we still get publications from them and from Docotors Without Borders and the reports i read “regurgitate” in these nightmares.

I have not had any recent nightmare (actually not many dreams at all).

It has been about a month, but I’ll try to describe it the best I can.

I had a dream that a noise from somewhere else in the house had woke me up. I got up and looked around. My parents were not in bed, and neither was me brother. I assumed that it was just them making the noise, but I couldn’t find where they were. Then, a call came from the phone. I picked it up, I thought it was going to my mom, but it wasn’t. It was a man with a deep voice, like sombody from a horror movie. He told me that he knew where my family was. I was too nervous to talk and just used small words, then I hung up on him. I finally was able to talk and called the police.

After he called me back, he told me that there were four pile of clothes in a room. He told me to grab a knife and stab one of them. If I didn’t he would kill me. He told me that he was under one of the piles. I tried to look and figure out which one was his. I noticed a light coming from one of the piles. I assumed that it was the man’s cell phone, and that the man was under this one, so I stabbed it. After I looked under and found it was my mother. I screamed and said somthing to the man (i forget what is was). Then, I noticed that there was a door in the wall that I have never noticed before. It looked like a trap door, but high up on the wall. I climbed onto the table and opened it. It was where he was. But, he was no longer there. Finally, the police came, but they were too late, my brother and my dad were missing somhow, and my mom was dead.

i had a very scarring dream which i doubt id ever forget
i have awesome recall lol

well i was sleeping in my toilet in my house and i open the door.
i peep my head out through the toilet door and i saw my corridor but instead of the walls bein a nice white it was a very dark dark black and its patterns seemed to ‘bring you in’ in a sense
anyways i close my door tinking wth… then open the door again
everything changes i was puzzled now the walls were a light blue and i saw my family sitting down all gazing one direction
i was still puzzled and had a little fear in me
i squint my eyes and out of no where there was a guest but he wasnt a guest no one seemed to notice her except me
she had very wet greasy hair and was wearing a yellow stained dress and she didn’t have a face it was just skin
and she looked directly at me
i was scared so i closed the door hoping the scene would change
i closed it then opened the door scene changed i could feel my sweat pouring on me and as i wiped my sweat it was all blood but i felt nothing i got scared closed the door. scene change
open the door the daceless woman was right at the door i closed the door opened she wasnt there
i thought to myself this is crazy i wanted to shit myself
i opened the tap to wash my face and out poured blood
i looked up at the mirror then suddenly i saw my horrific face
it had stitches and infected wounds and opened slits all over my face and my eyes was pure white
i blinked took a deep breath looked up and instead of my reflection i saw the woman mimicking my moves

woke up
checked myself… everything was ok

That was a very scary dream.
My nightmares usually feauture a lot of inertia or something sucking me in.
In one dream I was going home from school and suddenly the sky darkened. A huge tornado was behind me, I wanted to go to home very fast but the tornado started throwing me around the whole city.

Other ones are just that I’m on a swingset and swinging very fast or I’m spinning around my axis very fast etc.