A dream character comes and tell me that i'm dreaming

Hello, I am totally new to the site. I’m not aware of the lucid deam lexical but i did my best. If thats too much reading you can just read the last lines :blush:

The day before yesterday I had a long enough lucid dream but it was not very precise and the place was quite dark so I decided internally to change place by thinking of the city where I live which has worked well . I naturally have lucid dreaming since a kid but i never put some time to work on it.

It was my first lucid dream during this month and the characters had clay heads and they were all taller than me then I say in the dream “can you have norlam faces” it worked and everybody was normal. Well the dream was going, i saw snow on the floor, i felt the snow but it wasn’t cold and i saw some leaves that i decided to put on my lips … (sometimes i’m weird) just after that i raise my head and i see like 10 small restaurants full of clients and i wanted to taste the food in dreams !! i was on my way when i though about money and when i checked them they where full of coins and also a transparent creditcard so i was a bit surprises (i think that in that part i started loosing some lucidity) that the card was transparent and i asked a character near me and he said: "it’s an amazing credit card "
So then i went to the restaurant i managed to go full lucid again and i tried some pizza and Coke (the pizza wasn’t really tasty but the coke was perfect haha). At this point i knew that i was going to wake up soon (i was a bit exitated) so i decided to talk with the guy that i saw earlier i told him “Who are you”, i don’t remember his answer and just before leaving him i told him “If you see me around let me know! i want to experience new things.” He said yes with his head then i woke up.

Lets go on last night now. So last night i was in a difference place, i was for no reason pushing a sccoter out of a house and i had to maneuver and a guy was helping me then i saw the guy with the clay head helping instead of the other person and he told me " You wanted to experience new things" so we stayed for the dream together, this dream was like 10 times more precise. I tried a lot of things and the dream with the guy from the dream. It was just crazy, the character wasn’t talking at all but he answered my basic questions

So night continues it was another dream and in this one i was robbing a car and he was helping me with it haha. But once i saw his clay head i was 200% sure that it was a dream

Finally I wanted to know if this technique of asking a dream character to come and see you in your dreams to tell you that you are dreaming works or is it just luck ? I hope it will work tonight too

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Welcome to ld4all, @anastoupou :wave:

This trick is quite well known. It’s so well known and effective, that it has an established acronym called CALD - character assisted lucid dream.

It seems you have already found a technique that works really well for you :clap: Good luck with more lucid dreams!


Ok, thank you a lot for your answer ! i though i was a genius haha.

I enjoy eating food in lucid dreams too! I often find cash in my pocket and actually taste the food. Its a good way to eat yummy food that is pretty unhealthy, its 0 calories because you aren’t really consuming it!

you dont know its 0

well i know because everytime i eat something in a dream i have this insane urge to make the best version of it i can and stuff myself with the deliciousness of a dream