A few questions

Well I found this site I think 3 months ago and since then have been visiting regularly and trying to do WILD and FILD along with WBTB every now and again. The main reason I chose to do WILDs is because it seems that if you can master it you can have complete control over when you want to LD.

Well anyway, like I said before I’ve been working mainly on WILD and FILD if I wake up or have the option to do WBTB yet I’ve had no success at all. No HI no SP not even a tingly feeling.
Whenever I concentrate on something I feel like I’m laying there forever and then I just kind of lose it and drift off. I probably haven’t even concentrated for more then 5 mins but it feels a lot longer than that, is this where I’m messing up? Do I have to keep full control of my mind for long enough that my body will end up falling asleep?
Also what are some tricks that some of you “experienced” WILDers have had a good success rate with besides WBTB?

P.S. Please don’t post “try MILD” or something like that, because I won’t. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to try every WILD FILD etc technique I can get until I at least get to SP. I aint a quitter.

Hey. First off, I’d like to mention that moving on to a different technique doesn’t make you a “quitter.” Certain techniques aren’t for everybody; that’s precisely why there are so many of them. It’s like having a moldy hamburger and telling yourself that you’re going to keep eating it until you like the taste of it. So, with that in mind, don’t be afraid to venture into different techniques; they could actually work a lot better than what you’re going after right now.

As for WILD though, I would suggest going after a less demanding variation of it. Perhaps you could just sit there in bed and tell yourself that in a few moments (what should feel like five or so minutes) you will perform a reality check. Repeat it several times and then stop. After those few moments have passed, do your reality check and you just might be in a dream by then. If not, repeat it and maybe wait a longer period of time.

Well I guess quitter was the wrong wording. What I meant is that I really want to be able to WILD. That’s like my goal, haha. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it.

Well. WILD & WTBT is also pretty hard for me too. The techniques isn’t really hard, but I’m so lousy at waking up in the middle of the night.

But now some suggestions.

I have noticed that you don’t really have to be too concrentated when you try to WILD, but I assume it helps.

I got my first SP when I drifted into my thoughts, and then came back when I started feeling like SP would come in a minute. That’s the point where I started counting. It worked well, but I couldn’t keep at it.

So. One useful thing in WILD is, Experience! Experience with things, try different methods. Try WILD ing at night, try it with WTBT. Try it with counting, try it with not counting. Try to wake up at different times.

WILD is easy on others and hard on others. For me it’s probarly from the medium levels.

Alright, so there’s no level of consciousness you have to keep, like in between completely conscious and just drifting thoughts it doesn’t matter? As long as a certain amount of time elapses of your body being completely motionless it will eventually turn off and all that matters is that your mind is fully awake at this point?

If someone could tell me if that’s right or not I believe it would really help me a lot.

Well, yeah. A more experienced WILD er might tell you the truth, but I’d also like to point out some more things I know.

I have heard that it doesn’t really matter if you keep your eyes even open while you try to get to the SP. I’m not sure if this is true, but it could be.

And for that completely concious. I think there’s not a determined level while you are waiting for SP, but you still have to be pretty aware when it comes. My couple of SP s have been relatively small when I drift into my thoughts and come back when SP comes.

Usually when I feel SP, I take it too seriously and I get too excited so it ends pretty fast.

But I have eccountered a SP feeling just by counting to like 80. In seconds. I started feeling my heart beat go up and like that my body would shake like crazy. But I never got to the actual SP stage due to my excitement.

Odd, I guess I must take longer because I’ve counted up to 200 seconds and gotten nowhere. Maybe I’m moving my body and don’t realize it.

Any experienced WILDers have other tips or suggestions?

It can take alot longer than 200 seconds, but then it really depends on how tired and sleepy you are. The trick is to find a balance where you’re sleepy enough to fall asleep, but awake enough to remain alert.