A funny dream i had.

I had this dream a while ago but i remberd it again today.

I think it needs to be posted.

Im laying in a bed with a beautiful blond girl. She is sledping but i am not. IM having one of my arms around her. Im laying there just feling good when suddenly i hear something rustle.
I turn around and i se that my pal Otso(really the kind a guy you wouldnt be that suprised if he turned upp in this place IRL).He is just laying there and eating candy from a paper bag.
Im “WTF… Wath the hell are you doing here”.
And he wispers “I just wanted to join in on the fun man”.
“Of course you cant! Wtf is wrong with you” I say to him in a really low vioce.
“Cmon why not!” Otso says. He sounds a bit annoyed and you kinda get the feeling that he is somehow supprised that im pissed off.
“Becaus, ill thell you why the fuck not! She would notice and get pissed!”.
“Naaa… She wouldnt notice if i just lay here watching” he replies in kind of desperate voice.
“No you cant! that would totaly ruin the atmosphere, maaan.”
Now i only rember that the girl wakes upp and gets really pissed. Thats all i can rember.

lol otso reminds me of me lol :razz: :razz:

hahahahahh that is gold. You made my night. “I just wanted to join in on the fun”, lol WTF?! :rofl:

Ey Quantum maan. How does it remdind you of yourself