A mirror to lucidity

I just had a thought a few minutes ago as I was thinking how I would reach my DC family when all of a sudden an inspiration came to me through a vivid thought. In this thought I was looking through a mirror at my family that I had fantasized of. My fiancee and my child were in a room. My fiancee was standing in the middle of the door way as if she were trying to say something. The thing that comes to mind when she stood in the door way was that she was telling me that if a gain lucidity by going in through the mirror it might be easier to go back out into waking life and the obtain it again the second time. I also saw my daughter she was on talking baby talk and playing in the room with some colorful toys on the floor and crayons. The crayons to me meant that I will be able to see clearly and create a world of lucidity through the branches of new which signifies my baby.

So besides me having this vivid thought I wondered, How am I going to try this technique? My idea is to look in a mirror through your mind. Don’t imagine anything in your mind if possible. Don’t try to make up shapes out of the things you see under your eyeballs. Instead imagine yourself waking up in another dimension like as if you were trying to wake up but without any visualization. Relax and don’t let your fears get to you. If you find it hard not to visualize things try to visualize what you would really want out of the lucid dream. For me it is to have a second life where I can visit my DC family at night and construct during the day.

The mirror for me works like this. I visualize myself looking in a mirror, but the mirror is also a window to lucidity. As I think about how I can get through the mirror as I drift off to sleep I know the way in which I am going to do it but I keep it out of my mind so I do not obstruct any thoughts. For me it works to keep my actual technique a secret so that it is not the only thing on my mind when I am lucid. Its like this; I don’t go through the mirror because all I have to do is make it more clear for myself as I drift of into sleep. But to do this I can’t visualize for myself I have to let it come to me. It is like a mind trick. It is kind of hard to explain.

The mirror/window is there in front of you so you know what you want when you are lucid. It is like a reminder that when you are dreaming and you are in a random place ( i call these places obstacles) that you have to reach a mirror or window to get to your lucid state. But instead of going through the mirror and eagerly rushing yourself into lucidity take a glimpse into the mirror take your time, and focus on all of your senses.
Let me know if you have any questions or advise, I would love to add on to this.

the mirror can become your dream sign. Like IWL you can do a reality check every time you look into the mirror. If you do this, like what I have done before, you will see mirrors in your dreams a lot very soon, and if your RC’s were consistent, then you will remember to check and then realize that it is a dream.

Another cool thing to do, is sit in front of a mirror before you get into bed. and just stare at yourself for several minutes with the intention of becoming lucid the next time you you look into a mirror.

We’re definitely wandering into the territory of personal techniques right here :tongue: that is, what matters in the technique is not what you have described, but what it means to you and what evokes in you when you attempt it. Nonetheless, some advices in there are pretty good (like the leaving your fears part, the hanging on to all senses, and the thoughts in your mind as you drift off) so who knows, it could be pretty good if others tried it too :content:

Anyway, good luck with your technique! Wish you many lucids! :happy:

personal yes^
i have a rock i really like, its smooth, fits nicely in my hand, blue tint, and i found it on a m*shr**m trip… so i find it significant. anyway i thought if i tried to WILD with it in my hand i can have a objective to bring it into my dream, and just the sight of it should remind me im dreaming since in meditation i channel “dream energy” lol… into the rock, so i know what its all about.
i havent succeeded yet though for a lack of try, but im willing now and ill report if it works.