A New Technique - HRILD

EDIT ----

Basically, this hurts your neck badly. After a nights rest (while I did have an LD) my neck was sore, and it still is. DO NOT use the head banging method. Do anything that gtets you dizzy, and changes the fluid in your inner ear.

BTW by hard rock, I meant Nu Metal, and by Nu metal I ment OWNAGE!!!

yea the music doesnt matter, if your gonna spin, so techno/ instrumentalists, get to it :content:

so I came across this technique while listening to music. It works great. Sorry, but only specific people cando this. Youll know what i mean in a second.

It stands for Hard Rock Induced LD

Step 1: put on headphones

step 2:Put on hard rock music (i suggest linkin park, or disturbed- anything that has beat and energy really)

step 3: get headbanging. Like serious headbanging.
switch from side to side, up and down, diagonal. Any sharp head movement that creates pressure.

step 4: go crosseyed do this while doing step 3

be sure to play a whole album. When it finishes, your gonna be dizzy as hell :grin:

NOW quickly shut the music off, and lie down in bed or whereever you happen to be. Think about a random noun (like dog or sumthing) watch how fast you get HI. Immediately follow the steps to WILD

Its insanely good for some reason.

BTW make sure you have a good long album that goes 30-40 + minutes. Try it. Its worth it :cool:

P.S Ive tried with other genres of music, but it doesnt work as well. Hard rock just gets you pumping alot better. I found arm movements good to, like pretending to use a drumset.

Good Luck! :content:

sounds like a really good technique, cant wait to try it!! :grin: :grin:

Well you didn’t tell me that much when you were trying to find a technique using music. I can get myself listening to linkin park …

cool. i’d try it. too bad i hate music, especially headbanging.

I have a bad neck, and would not be able to headband for 40 plus minutes non-stop.
It sounds interesting, I wonder what is happening behind the scenes.

This sounds interesting and I’d love to try, but I don’t listen to hard rock, unfortunately, and I don’t headbang either. :sad: But I guess I can try this technique, it sounds quite efficient, although I don’t think I ever got an HI before in a WILD attempt. Do you have to use the WBTB method along with this?

That sounds pretty cool.
Umm, is linkin park “hard rock” im not sure about that one…

i 4got to try it yesterday…gonna try it tonight if i dont 4get lol

Linkin Park hard rock? Disturbed hard rock? Bwaha ^^
They’re more like yesterday’s wave of teen metal - nu metal =P

But it can’t be any good for your neck to headbang constantly.
You’d just get hurt in the long turn =P
But your body doesn’t really see a difference between doing something, and imagining doing something, so won’t you be able to get dizzy by visualizing yourself headbanging during the whole album? =P

It seems to me it will work the same if you spin around your axis for about 20 minutes. If anyone can do that, they should get an LD just for that.

This sounds like a really cool idea. I don’t like the idea of head banging for thirty plus minutes though. Maybe if you spun around in a circle for like twenty minutes or so and got really dizzy, you could achieve similar results. It seems like being really dizzy might be the main factor in this technique, getting the equilibrium out of whack. Please post your comments to tell me if you think this makes any sense.

:peek: Keep dreamin’

sometimes i wonder if posts like these are just jokes to get people to do stupid stuff like bang your head for 40 minutes, buy a nintendo ds, or to listen to bad music. but then i think my cynicism and doubts is probably limiting my ability to have lucid dreams. but if you guys try this, please listen to something better like the toadies, nirvana, pearl jam (1992-2000 new stuff not as good), stiff little fingers, sex pistols, local h, the pixies… sorry to be a hater sometimes it gets the better of me. but congrats on your method dude. check out those bands if you haven’t, good stuff

So can I do this with techno music too?