A new Technique VWILD

Wow, that is fantastic.

Ive never found the vibrlite 8. It sounds like it will work a treat.

I have stopped using the vibralite 3 for now, as it continued waking me up. I have been waiting for rarebreeds talents in developing a device.
He has been successful, but more testing is needed, he informs me, it is also a little chunky.
The only problem, is that making one for ourselves. Even with rarebreeds guidance, especially software programming, it will be very difficult for most of us. (including me)

Please keep us all up to date with your testing with the vibrlite 8. I’m hoping for great results.

You know, you may well have found the answer to guaranteed LDing. I know i keep saying this, but the technique just makes so much sense, and so much easier than any other.

It will require very little effort and (hopefully) have great results.

I’ve just checked out the vibralite 8 on a website, and it looks like it could deffinately do the job.

The other downside of the 8, other than the 20 sec alarm, was the force of the vibration. But this could always be dampened with a small piece of foam, just tucked between the watch and your wrist.

Anyway, good luck with it. Let us know of your results. I have a feeling i may be buying one too.

alright, I think Ill finally make myself begin the testing phase. One of the main reasons I had been putting it off was because Ive been working on a separate project that also uses the same kind of chips and is related to LDs. I had hoped to do some upgrades to the watch before I began testing. The good news about me doing some other work first is that whenever I get around to upgrading the watch, I now know some tricks thatll allow me to implement things like controlling how strong vibration is.

OK, so on to the testing procedures. I am planning on using the settings of 3seconds vibalarm and have it go off at a rate of every 30min. Im thinking of doing it so often so that itll be drilled into my head. Another reason for the frequency is Im not planning on using it at all while Im at school, in order to avoid trouble. I may decide to increase the alarm lengths when I go to bed. Since the device is currently bulkier than Id like, Im going to have it in my pocket during the day and probably slip it in a sock on one foot while I sleep. Ill post every day on the results and any changes in the procedures.

Interesting note: the few times I have tried it out Ive found Ive ended up doing even more RCs than it reminds me to do. What happens is I get anxious wondering why the alarm hasnt gone off and then end up thinking about LDing and doing an RC.

P.S. I do hope the vib8 works for you, I made my device for free though, so I dont think Ill be buying one anytime soon. Ill try my best to get a tutorial up once Ive finalized the device and if testing proves beneficial. I really would love to make some for people or create kits or something, but Im kinda a full-time student and will be going off to college soon. Ill keep my mind thinking about ways of making it more accessible to people though.

I’ll keep you guys updated. Last night I couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night, so hopefully tonight. I’ve been doing vibrating RC’s all today and yesterday, so hopefully I’m used to it now. I would have to agree with Jayster, it just seems so easy it must work, hopefully we’re correct.

I would just like to point out that I created a graph from reading Stephen LaBerge’s book. In the section on the dream cycle.

I don’t have the graph any more, but i could knock another one up if anyone wants to see it.

From this graph I worked out that the alarm should be set to go off around every 42 mins. With this setting, there is a higher percentage of the alarm going off during a number of REM cycles, rather than a Delta cycle (where you do not dream).
There is no point of the alarm going off during any other phase of sleep other than in the REM phase. Of course, everyone is a little different and may wish to experiment with the times of the alarm. But I would try using one setting for at least a week before changing it.

For example, you do not dream for at least the first 90 min of sleep. Therefore, if you set the alarm for 30 min, it will go off at least twice without hitting a REM cycle, and if you’re unlucky a third time just before you go into REM.
If you set it for 42 min, the second alarm will go off in 84 mins. Now, yes, it may miss the first REM cycle, but depending on the individual, may hit.
I very much doubt though, that a setting of 30 min will hit the first REM cycle with the second alarm. That would only be 1 hour of sleep. And if you are the kind of person who goes into REM after 75 to 80 min of sleep. Again, the 3rd 30 min alarm will miss, where as the 42 min setting will not.

The first REM last for roughly 10 mins, you then go back into Delta.
The second Delta phase last around 60 to 90 mins. Then back into REM, which may last 15 mins.

So roughly the second REM cycle will come about roughly 160 to 190 min of sleep.
The 30 min setting should hit this cycle. Unless, the individual REMs at the 160th min, and it last for only 15 mins, in which case the fourth alarm will miss.
Where as with the 42 min setting, there is a much higher chance of it hitting the second REM cycle.

These are of course only calculated guesses, but I did create a very detailed graph, with various alarm settings and the 42min one came out on top as a higher chance of hitting REM cycles, in some REM cycles it may go off twice, the longer you sleep.

Dont take my word for it though, I’m just sharing my workings and theories. Its always best to experiment and test ideas.

Try not get too anxious during the day whilst wearing it. It may be counter productive. Just try to ignore it being there, just think, if it doesn’t go off, then it doesn’t go off. Just dont worry about it. When and if it does, do a RC and continue with your day. Almost ignore it being there, and dont expect a vibration. It has to become routine and automatic.
Dont forget though, when you do a RC ask yourself at the same time, ‘Is this a dream’ Its a much more direct question that,‘am I dreaming’.

‘Is this a dream.’ Do not throw this question away and answer it too quickly, you must think about it. Really think about. Be certain that it is not a dream.
If you dont really think about and say well of course its not a dream, your dream self may do exactly that when you are actually dreaming and you wont become Lucid.

hm, ok. I think Ill go ahead and bump up the intervals to 40min then…or I could program it for the 42minutes, but it isnt that accurate anyways and maybe I sleep different.

The main reasons I havent posted any results are: 1: been wearing it/sticking it in my pocket infrequently. 2:couldnt figure out a good way to sleep with it, so I havent been wearing it to bed. 3: bad dream recall :frowning:

BUT, I will try my best to fix all those problems. Maybe Ill redesign it soon so Ill be more likely to actually wear it places. Either way, I think Ill call tonight “Night 1” for this experiment and just stick it in my pocket for now/tie it to my wrist at night. oh, and change the setting to 40min.

P.S. I can deffinitely see how the 20sec alarm could be a problem, I have it on 3sec and sometimes that seems way too long.

Night 1: Bad dream recall; tied device to my wrist; woke me up maybe 3-4 times

I think that this technique has a lot of potential, and I really hope it comes to fruition.

It really seems like it’s almost perfect as far as using an outside object goes. There are few flaws I can think of, unlike the lucid mask I made. That had many a flaw, impossible to sleep with for one.

I wrote a few more reasons on my blog why I think this will be better then the nova dreamer knock off, or potentially even the nova dreamer.

dailydeluge.com/2008/01/15/vwild … ucid-dream /


It is good in theory, madhatter.

so, Night2: I remembered my dreams better; it still woke me up sometimes(I guess I should find a way to dim the motor); I didnt become lucid…but I did have an instance in a dream where a swarm of bees wrapped around my left hand(same one the watch was on), so I think that was from it. I didnt really use it much the day before either

didnt use it at all today, but Ill wear it tonight and see what happens; maybe Ill finally have time to upgrade it since my other project is almost complete(look for a thread on it soon)

Night3: once again I didnt wear it during the dayshakes head (didnt wear it today either). I did install some watch straps though which made it a lot easier to wear during the night; unfortunately I cant remember any instance that may have been caused from the watch; besides being woken up multiple times.

The bee scenario sounds like it probably was the watch

It sounds like (to me) that you may be a tiny bit anxious and still too aware that you are wearing the device before you sleep. This may be influencing your dream recall.
You may be quite a light sleeper, so the force of the vibration may need to be tuned down a bit.
After a week of trials, change your alarm setting time to maybe 45 mins. Go up every 5 mins each week.


Sorry about that, thats why its best to make it comfortable.

Hey, just an update…

I’ve been wearing it all day long everyday and doing Reality Checks to each alarm. I’m finally to the point where I don’t wait for the next one, but like you said, just go about normally until it comes. I still haven’t had any LD’s. In fact, I haven’t even noticed it in my dreams. I have yet to have any dreams relating to any vibration, my wrist, or arm, or anything like that. I’ve tried a couple of different times, but I think I’m going to give it another week before I change the times again. I think a big reason this hasn’t worked for me is because I have a hard time doing RC’s and REALLY asking if I’m dreaming. I have increased my motivation and I’ve been asking myself if I’m REALLY asking myself if I’m dreaming now, so hopefully this will help. But for now, I’m off to dream land. G’night

Yes, I do need to wear it all day before really expecting results. My dream recall has started going up though and last night I wasnt woken up at all or found any dreamsigns related to it. Unfortunately the batteries are close to dead which may have been the problem. I should probably look into a way to make the batteries last longer.

Alaszun and Rarebreed, where are you.

I’m waiting for updates form you both on your devices. have you had any luck yet improving LDing?

I still havnt had any more LD from using the vibralite3 since the last time. i think the vibrate is just too powerful and keeps waking me up.

I really want to know how its been for you alaszun, to see if i should by the 8 model.

Im still here. Just havent shruken my device yet to a point where I will wear it daily; thus making it pointless for research until I do so. I am hoping to implement vibration strength control in the new smaller model though.

I actually had a very barely lucid dream this morning, but it wasn’t because of the wristwatch. I have been doing regular RC’s every vibration, but I haven’t had any lucid dreams yet. I think I’m going to try a different time setting, maybe go back to the 42.

By the way, I do remember one dream where I felt the watch go off, but I was doing something and didn’t bother to do an RC in the dream. That was at the time where I wasn’t doing regular RC’s to the vibrations, and since then I have been. So I’m going to change the timer setting to 42 and give it another week.

I think the problem might be my motivation to REALLY ask myself if I’m dreaming. So when I feel the vibration in the dream, I just do a nose RC automatically without really asking myself if I’m dreaming. I have started doing that recently though, so hopefully I’ll have better results this week.

oh wow, I just looked your watch up again and I didnt realize it had the adjustable countdown timer. That watch sounds just about exactly what would be needed…but the site I saw it on had it for $120! Ill stick with working on my “free” one. But good to know there is an alternative out there for people who might not be able to make their own.


I own a novadreamer which I purchased over 10 years ago; it sort of worked for me at that time, though I only really tried for a week or two because I couldn’t sleep well with the mask on my face. Also life got too busy to do dream checks and maintain the necessary focus… I am now trying to get back into LD, but my novadreamer is in another country, so I started practicing WILD, but with little success. As I keep trying to WILD into the dream state, I decided to also try out the tactile induction mechanism described in this post.
I didn’t want to get a watch so I made my own little gadget; it’s really quite shameful to post, as it has no features other than a timed vibrator and it’s very poorly assembled, but this only cost 5$ and took a couple hours to make, hence the name. The idea is to check whether tactile cues will work for me as well as the novadreamer; if so then I will work on this some more.


I will report its effectiveness here in the days to come.

not bad at all!, and yea, one battery isnt enough. I found that as well, the lil vibrating motors actually take quite a bit of power

Worst night in more than a year.

Once the device woke me up as I had my arm too close to my face.
The rest were unrelated problems, extreme unbearable heat, despite the fact it’s winter, despite turning off the heater, despite taking off all clothes and bedsheets. Thermodynamically impossible unless I was burning thousands of calories, which I probably was. Itches everywhere. Hunger. Farts. Having to go to the restroom. I tried to WILD several times, the wait is simply unbearable it takes hours and nothing happens ever, it’s painfully boring, worse than staring at the wall. Body becomes numb, respiration slows - but nothing, the moment I feel the body’s trying to pull the switch, my heart rate goes up. No SP. I’m not getting excited or anything, in fact by the third time I almost didn’t give a crap as long as I got to sleep somehow. But nothing, seems like I get a shot of adrenaline the moment the body tries to shut down.

I have only to hope that the plasticity of the brain extends to this area as well and that little by little I’ll be able to teach my brain that it’s ok to shut the hell down while I’m still dimly aware.

7:38am now, I just ate the worst junk food I could find, to at least block the hunger. Now I will try again.