A new Technique VWILD

not bad at all!, and yea, one battery isnt enough. I found that as well, the lil vibrating motors actually take quite a bit of power

Worst night in more than a year.

Once the device woke me up as I had my arm too close to my face.
The rest were unrelated problems, extreme unbearable heat, despite the fact it’s winter, despite turning off the heater, despite taking off all clothes and bedsheets. Thermodynamically impossible unless I was burning thousands of calories, which I probably was. Itches everywhere. Hunger. Farts. Having to go to the restroom. I tried to WILD several times, the wait is simply unbearable it takes hours and nothing happens ever, it’s painfully boring, worse than staring at the wall. Body becomes numb, respiration slows - but nothing, the moment I feel the body’s trying to pull the switch, my heart rate goes up. No SP. I’m not getting excited or anything, in fact by the third time I almost didn’t give a crap as long as I got to sleep somehow. But nothing, seems like I get a shot of adrenaline the moment the body tries to shut down.

I have only to hope that the plasticity of the brain extends to this area as well and that little by little I’ll be able to teach my brain that it’s ok to shut the hell down while I’m still dimly aware.

7:38am now, I just ate the worst junk food I could find, to at least block the hunger. Now I will try again.

Definitely the worst night in a long time.
Vibration has the side-effect that when you have your arm under the covers the vibration is not very noisy but if you have your wrist next to your head then it will wake you up. Even worse, if you have the vibrating device pressed against the mattress by the weight of your arm, then the vibration will resonate and that gets really loud. I have therefore tried to keep my arm under the covers, but that still managed to wake me up a few times every 45 minutes. The dreams I recalled were not lucid, nor was there any hint to a vibration on the wrist in them.
The noise problem could be solved by attaching the device to my ankle instead, but I am not sure I will be able to keep that up when I move near the sea and I don’t want to waste precious training weeks.

The vibration could be made softer… but before I do that I want to at least have it wake me out of a dream to verify that it is indeed strong enough to produce a stimulus that’s incorporated into the dream. I do hope it’s not too strong for sleeping but not strong enough to notice it in a dream.

Overall I’m disappointed but still hopeful.
The other thing I’m disappointed about is trying to WILD several times throughout the night as this thing was waking me up and never succeeding once.
If I concentrate properly, so that I’m following the numbers, I won’t fall asleep. If I follow dream imagery and just keep reminding myself I’m dreaming every minute or so, then I’ll get to the point of a beginning SP but as soon as I feel the brain is pulling the plug I get the adrenaline jolt. If I just don’t think about anything then I eventually manage to get to sleep (though not always) but it’s not lucid.

Wow, tough luck.

Yea, there are a few ways to make it vibrate softer…limiting resistor…pwm… but I can see why you would want it to wake you out of a dream once first.

What timing are you using? perhaps it is too often and thus waking you up?

It’s set to vibrate every 45 minutes.
Yesterday I had this thing wake me out of a dream. So now I can proceed according to the plan and reduce the vibration.
I set it to 50% PWM, it’s very subtle.
Let’s see what happens!!!

Awesome! also, I decided to look at your picture again to see which pic chip you are using. I used a different one because I used picaxe to program it; but I noticed that you used picbasic pro; thats interesting cuz thats what I usually use…except I dont have the pro version. Just cool to see another person use a lot of the same things and methods I would use.



Hey realtalk413, both of your posts are really good suggestions, but unfortunately I must say neither are very practical. The heart rate actually doesnt seem to change too much during dreaming compared to normal sleep, from my research it seems to be almost the same as when you are awake. If Im wrong, please point out the resource you are using. Also, the problem with changing limbs is it takes away the instinctual aspect of this technique. Feel vibrating watch-do reality check. Basically, you are forming a reflex during the day that should help at night.


i got the vibralite 8 and i am still experimenting with it (only had it since yesterday). before going with the vibralite i was actually looking at a “pager” looking vibrating timer called the invisible clock-

link to vendor removed (please read forum guidelines)

it is only $40, and the vibration has a sensitivity adjustment. i opted for the vibralite because it seemed more convient to wear. i suppose you could strap the invisible clock to your wrist or ankle, but it would look funny on your wrist and i would not be able to wear shorts if i wanted too. I will be buying the invisible clock next though, maybe i can wear it on my ankle in the winter. gotta go, my vibralite just went off…

Is anyone still working on this? The vibralite8 is a little to expensive for me, so I really want to see your finished watch, rarebreed!

My deepest apologies; but I have stopped all work on this. I had some good ideas for it… but I really dont have the time. Since I am now at college; I dont have any of my tools/parts either. And since Im a freshman I dont really even have access to the labs. I’m sorry; since there is still interest perhaps I will pick it back up when I can… But don’t expect anything any time soon.

Sorry to “revive” this thread, I hope its not too old.

Anyways, I just found the Casio Pathfinder 5, which vibrates every hour, and its pretty cheap. I’ts only 26 bucks. Sense i know the mods will delete my link, ill just say how to find it.

Google “Casio Pathfinder Vibrating 5” then go to “shopping results” then sort by “Price cheapest first” and the first link is the good one, should be from “Fourwatches” or something.

It is an old thread, but I still like reading it through now and again. Thanks for that, i’ll be looking into it.
My experimentation and journey of LD is still ongoing, and I like to think I’m making good progress.
I have been designing a device of late, and think i’ve got it down to a tee. But I am looking for someone is a specific field to help me finish it. It’s unlike anything else out there, and I can pretty much guarantee, LD for anyone who uses it within a 2 weeks. It’s design and workings are specifically for Lucid Dreamers, (not for telling the time).
Thanks for this post though, I will be checking out that watch.

BAM! revived…

I have to say, after my last post I stopped practicing LD’s because of life-situation. But now I’m back in full-force. My VibraLite8 has actually run low on batteries, and I haven’t replaced them yet, so when I do, I am thinking of reviving this technique and seeing about further progress on the idea of it.

Also Jayster, I’m curious how your device is coming along?

I bought a Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Watch T49851 and it’s perfect for this. It only vibrates for like 10 seconds, it’s inexpensive, you can cusomize the interval between each vibration and also when it’s has vibrated it automatically restarts the countdown again if you set it to! I highly recommend it :smile:

Thanks! I am going to check into that. I have difficulty remembering to do RCs during the day and have been watching this post to see if anyone would have a current suggestion. I wonder if the guys who started this are still around?

Question for the techs: What vibrator are you using?

I am sort of planning on making a bracelet that does the same thing. Have my gf tie me up a nice bracelet and tuck the components in it.
328 with cr2032 and this vibrator: Link to vendor removed.
I am not sure how much this vibrator will eat the battery but I will make it sleep until a timer interrupt.

Did you ever get to doing this?

Or anyone else?