A question about WILD - Eyes open?

I heard that to properly do WILD, you can’t close your eyes. Is this true? Sorry if this has been answered before, I just started learning about LDing a few days ago and I’m going to attempt to LD tonight. :smile:

Well, I, for one, have always WILD’ed with my eyes closed. I can’t fall asleep with my eyes open. This goes along with my adage: you have to sleep before you can dream. :wink:

Good luck with your LD attempt tonight! :smile:

Thanks. I guess I’ll try with my eyes closed tonight, and open tomorrow night. It’s all about experimentation when it comes to finding personal favoritism.

I have never heard that you need to have your eyes open to WILD? WILD is often based on watching hypnagogic images, and those appear when the eyes are closed.

Ermm… Well, according to my extensive knowledge on lucid dreaming (a.k.a What I have learnt from countless websites hoping to perform this really cool technique) is that you must set your body sleep. Now, how can your body fall asleep while your eyes are open? :confused: Well I am a light sleeper, but unfortunately, so is my body, so I cannot WILD with my eyes open. Oh man, the temptation to open my eyes during a WILD is so great! :woah:

Hi zM, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I completely agree with the previous posters and I really wonder who could told you this. :eek: In order to have a LD, you have to sleep and people sleep with closed eyes.

Ok, I wasn’t able to LD last night (bet you weren’t expecting that :wink:) but I think I got close. Thanks for answering my question so fast. :smile: