A rather annoying problem

Hey all, I’m not a newbie to the lucid dream scene. I’ve known about the phenomena for almost a year now. But lucid dreaming has always been the pinnacle, the holy grail. I have never been able to achieve it and it kills me. I had a stint before in which I tried my hardest, then I gave up. Now that I have more free time, I’m trying even harder, and won’t be giving up anytime soon. That being said, I encounter a myriad of problems.

Firstly, ALL my dreams are in the third perspective. In theory, it’s pretty cool because I get to watch myself have all these adventures as if I was in a movie or something. In practice however, it makes it ridiculously hard to even begin to make myself realise I’m dreaming.

Secondly, on top of that fact, my mind works in very mysterious ways indeed. I’ve realised now that I’m quite a hyperactive thinker. Even as I awake my mind races, and that makes relaxing ever so hard. I’ve tried everything, but simply can’t sleep in a way that will help me induce WILD’s. I just get stuck there, half-paralysed and wishing I could see hypnagogia.

Thirdly, I have bad dream recall. I know this can be fixed with a dream journal, which I am working on. But apart from that, I don’t know what to do. My dreams are never anywhere close to approaching vivid.

If you read all of that, then thank you! If you can provide me with any tips or tricks and hints, then I will be even more appreciate. Thanks a lot guys. :smile:

Oh, and to add to the misery of thinking too hard, I sometimes feel as if my body intentionally goes out of its way to break my paralysis. I have random twitches when I get so close, or my body will spasm in the smallest but annoying ways. Not to mention the fact that when I try to look at any fleeting hypnagogia, I look too hard or something and I strain my eyes. I’m hopeless. :L

A third perspective dream, is by technical definition, a lucid dream. Which is to say you meet the requirements of lucid dreaming.

  1. You have recall.
  2. You are aware that you are dreaming. In your case, a third perspective dream.

It appears that you are in the budding stages of lucid dreaming awareness. Whereas you really want it to happen, but you’re trying to hard.

I believe that anyone who recalls their dreams has experienced a lucid dream. Think back to the last dream that you remembered, if was first person, or third person, you recall remembering that dream. You might also recall while recalling that dream that you thought this is a dream. Even if you don’t have control, it’s still a lucid dream. You were aware that you are dreaming.

Congratulations. You’re on the path of a lucid dreamer.

Don’t sweat it. Don’t force it. Try, and remember that dreams will be at varying levels of lucidity.

But from my perspective if you can recall a third perspective dream, well then you’re already doing great :smile:

Well… thank you. I have, however, done a lot of research, and I assure you that I haven’t reached a level of lucidity at all. That I can remember, of course. My third perspective dreams are so interesting and movie-like that my brain just immediately switches off and goes along for the ride. No, I have seen no lucidity. :razz:

It seems like you’re having an annoying time :smile: . If you become frustrated when trying to achieve something, it can make it harder to come (like an insomniac wanting sleep). I would suggest that you stop focusing on LDs for the time being - to take the stress out of it - and focus instead on dream content. Don’t do any induction techniques, including reality checks. Write out your dreams in as much detail as possible, and mentally celebrate any specific details you manage to recall. I hope this approach works for you; if not go back to induction techniques and grit your teeth through the frustration.

I would disagree with Rare about the third person perspective dreams. This does not imply lucidity and is simply a different style of dream.