A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD)

well when u wanted to associate a picture to it you should of let it flow.
Maybe this was the step in order to get into an LD.

You might have pushed it away when this was the entrance.
Dont try to push anything just observe and let images form.

Once they form and you have a clear image , it will become clear and vivid
It may even start to move like animation. So just let it be and watch it.

When you said you thought you failed and then tried moving your body

I think you were in sleep paralysis and your body was asleep. I think this was a good sign and were on the right path.Dont force the sound or get mad just "look for the sound. Concentrate on remembering what it was like and some part of it should come up and “hear” it and say ahhh that sound was the one i was looking for.

I like meditation because it clears my mind and lets me see things more clearly.
I have also developed patience and a sense of peacefullness within myself which i love.

Im learning to be like water , take shape of anything any way and suiting myself to that situation and flowing never stopping or slowing down.

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the thing is I had the feeling I was creating the image because I knew this had to be the next step. I didn’t feel like I was letting go, when I read you I had the feeling that WILD happens without you creating anything, you just let go, and things appear before your eyes.

For the moment I am blind, I tried to do it this afternoon, but I don’t see the colors yet, I am in full dark, and thinking about tons of random stuff. But that’s ok I’m motivated, so I’ll try again tonight, to relax, and see the pictures.

The thing is I want to be inspired by you, but I know maybe I need to find my special sound, or special feeling, before I can go into WILD…and that’s the hardest part ^^

well just let the images form and thanks for that comment :razz:
and its not a special sound or feeling. It can be anything and lik wild you just let things flow or let go

You are the observer and all you do is observe.
Hope it works out this time around with your LD

so when you actually start going to sleep, do you lie down on your back? or does it really matter?

i think i’m gonna start actively trying this…

and do you actually use a formal relaxation technique or just kind of let yourself relax for a while?

Hello ! It almost worked this night !
I was awakened on the morning because my bf is going to work, but remained half-asleep. I remembered the tips of the forum (this one + other topics including the “wild basic instructions”). So while I went fastly into sleep I tried to listen to the buzzing sound, I thought it didn’t work since I could not hear it, but at least it get me to the next step, I was suddenly dreaming.

I was in a parking, and a car almost ran over me. It was daylight. I wondered if it was a dream, because I could not tell, and remembered the “reality check” topic (which I also noted in my notebook). So I did the funniest thing ever: finger through palm ! hahaha and it DID go through !
Unfortunately, I was so excited and didn’t remember what the next step was so I could make the dream more vivid and begin my quest.
Plus, my bf went into the room and made noise, so I woke up…

But I’m so happy I almost did it ! I guess mornings when you have time to sleep is good for me, I failed yesterday in the evening and during afternoon naps.

So…thanks, I’ll try harder next time :smile:

this was wild my friend , this was wuake up back to sleep method as in where u wake up and ur half asleep and u start thinking about LD or intentions to LD which makes it so simple to fall into a LD dream

Thats a good method , and you were in an LD because did the reality check and it passd.

Unfortunatly u got exited LOL

u can try formal relaxation tech but i just relax and imagine ma body weigh 1000

every part of ma body weighs that much and within five minutes i feel i cannot move ma limbs which this for me is a good sign.

work on a position where u will be confortable for an hour to do this because you may start to itch or decide to move bcuz of cramps.

I lay on my belly because i fall asleep much faster and i wont move for nothing. This is my position

well I remembered some of your tips tonight again and I became lucid again (the most important things that inspired me was the tought of “separate your body from your mind” after a lot of meditation and concentration, I had a LD. I still can’t hear a clear sound at first to concentrate on, but the tought of it made me concentrate more when I was hald-asleep, so I have to thank you for your tips :wink:

thats good too colors , as long as ur mind focuses on something while ur body falls asleep u will have an ld or get close to one.

im glad my tips were able to help u get an LD

My thread feels lonely : (

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Your post on MIWILD, while I haven’t tried it yet, it reminded me of proper meditational procedure. You see, I have forgotten to meditate smile properly. I went through this large meditation journey 10 months ago for 4 months straight, where I meditated for 2 and a half hours every day(split into 3 sections). I basically “woke up” to the higher dimensional reality. I forgot how to focus my mind when I came down off of this journey, because I started doing the crap I was doing before. I thank you, and look up dero7 on youtube. He’s one of my buddies, and I think you would be very interested in what he has to say. You may have many techniques to show the group. My username is mortclyde on youtube if you are interested. While I do meditate, it takes me a long time to do what I did before in 5 minutes, which is achieved through what you so easily explained as just listening to a single tone in your mind. Your awesome buddy, don’t let anyone tell you different, and I can’t wait to try out your technique. Namaste


I am so happy that i helped some one achieve the meditation state properly and got invited to their group on meditation on youtube.

If any one else has had any success using my technique please let me know

I’ve tried meditating a few times focusing on my breathing and going trough all parts of my body and relaxing them. I certainly felt numb and I saw images kinda like in windows media player (visualizations) forming in front of my eyes. Anyway… I didn’t even think of it inducing LDs.

So I have a few questions on your technique tho… As far as I’m concerned according to you I should focus on a sound… Does it matter what kind of a sound? Does it have to be real (computer humming or something like that) or can you just imagine it?
The other thing I want to know is do I do this just before going to bed at night or do I combine it with WBTB? I mean… I read that REM cycles are really short when you just fall asleep and therefore lucid dreams would be very short…

Anyway thanks for sharing this technique with us :smile: I’m certainly gonna try it :smile:

Thanks for that tutorial/tip! :happy:
Just focusing on a sound helps a lot! I was in a phase where vivid images popped up in my mind, incredibly real. Until now that usually took about an hour, but with focusing on the steady rattling sound of the fan I got the same results in half that time:
I first felt like I was spinning or swimming, then the numbness came, after a while I felt like falling out of bed and I briefly saw the very real image of woman’s head. She was smiling and shaking her head, like trying to say “Not quite yet”. A bit later after another short feeling of falling, I saw her again, smiling. Almost as if she wanted to tell me I’m getting closer - then my phone rang! :eek: I checked the clock and not more than half an hour has passed!

Glad to have “bumped” into this topic. Haven’t had an LD since Tuesday, and I was wondering why, when I realized that I haven’t been meditating these past few days either. So this is good, seeing as it really establishes a link between meditating and successful LDing. I had stopped meditating because there were so many other things I was trying to do in order to induce an LD, and it was getting a little much doing them all. Now I know not to cut out meditating.
Last night however I got up at 4 AM stayed up till 4:40 and started on the WILD technique. I got to a point that I was unaware of my body (as if it was not there) still focusing on: 1 I’m dreaming, 2 I’m dreaming etc. and doing a good job at it when I felt myself get really tired, but really awake at the same time. I did see odd things, and even heard people talk occasionally (in my head) but other then that I just spend time in nothingness. Then I just got too tired to continue and all I wanted was to go to sleep, so I turned around to go to sleep. However I had no problem doing so, which means that even though I was unable to sense my body, I had not achieved SP. I found this odd. To top it all off, here I was totally exhausted and now totally unable to sleep cause I was wide awake. I tossed and turned for 2 hours before I fell into a fitful sleep waking up every half hour or so. I dreamed but no lucidity.:sad:

honestly i dont know nothing about the rem cycles. There may be a state where using my technique may facilitate the process but i am not aware of certain knowledge.

I do not combine it wit wbtm technique. You can try but i dont guarantee you nothing.

Sounds- it can be any sound as long as its one sound where sooner or later it blocks out all sounds and thoughts to calm your mind down.

Visualizations? hmm like windows media player - well yes this does happen in the beggining but thats because your mind is trying to wonder off.

Sooner or later an image will form. PLease do not approach the image. Analyze it and ask questions about the image.

This approach will get you drawn in faster

that ruined it for you - damm phone lol
anyways you were like 80% there. All you needed was 20% more

If the phone would have not rang i believe you would of achieved meditation induced into LD. Once you fall or get drawn into an image and you pop in a world

And you know your in the world and you think its fake. Wish for something and if it comes true BAMM your LD

I have no advice on wild technique. I dont really do any technique now because I LD at will. It feels niice to control your dreams. The fastest LD i had was in 7 minutes.

I think you should seek help from the person who made up wild. Only he or she can help you in this technique but regarding to meditation. Well there has been some advantages using my technique

thanks to him, i LD at will now : )

Seems to me that what you are using is WILD you called it MIWILD, it is a wake induced technique.

  • wild is general
    MIWILD is meditation induced - has to be different.

:confused: umm, I’m confused, I don’t remember writing that. lol RC time!

What’s great is that I also meditate sometimes(yes I need to do it ALL the time) and the times that I do meditate, focus on ONE thing only, are the times I do have the best WILD’s or become awesomely lucid in dreams.

ahh I’m having a super real feeling that this is a dream! I was actually reading this topic several hours ago but had to fall asleep before I could post. I was sooo tired during a very long WBTB method, and went to meditate for the WILD.

Now I come on here and I may still be dreaming.
:rc: :help:

EDIT: OK so maybe there is something faulty with the quote button. :confused:

:rc: !!!