A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD)

Seems to me that what you are using is WILD you called it MIWILD, it is a wake induced technique.

  • wild is general
    MIWILD is meditation induced - has to be different.

:confused: umm, I’m confused, I don’t remember writing that. lol RC time!

What’s great is that I also meditate sometimes(yes I need to do it ALL the time) and the times that I do meditate, focus on ONE thing only, are the times I do have the best WILD’s or become awesomely lucid in dreams.

ahh I’m having a super real feeling that this is a dream! I was actually reading this topic several hours ago but had to fall asleep before I could post. I was sooo tired during a very long WBTB method, and went to meditate for the WILD.

Now I come on here and I may still be dreaming.
:rc: :help:

EDIT: OK so maybe there is something faulty with the quote button. :confused:

:rc: !!!

i may have quoted wrong but
mattias i believe said the key to LDing is through meditation

its on the first page

Well, I totally agree!!!

I started having Tons of LD’s and OBE’s when I was 15 when I learned to meditate. It is so cool, because I was not even trying to LD, the numerous and wonderful LD’s were a result to meditation during the day and also especially at night as I laid down for my body to sleep and my mind to meditate.

I dream within a dream :razz:

as i meditate in real life - i meditate in my dream since i control it.
It is a very powerful deep meditation

I believe that internal buzzing sound is called tinnitus. When I meditate, I have to focus on it. My breathing doesn’t seem to be the thing for me to focus on for some reason. This is an awesome post.

tinnitus aka ringing of the ears develops when you go to a concert or you always hear super loud music.

I am so amazed. I only Attempted to meditate early this morning. I sat up in bed for about 15 minutes instead of laying down right away. I “Tried” to silence my mind. I haven’t meditated in a long time, so i see how messy my mind has gotten.

Well I am amazed because even though I tried to meditate, but felt like I couldn’t stop thinking… when I layed down still trying to quit the thoughts, I did have a successful WILD . It was more of an OBE as I was clearly standing in my room near the door, I thought it was really me who got up without knowing it, but knew it was a dream. It just happened So Quick and was So real!

I know I am on the right track to meditate ( at least Try to meditate) by SITTING UP in bed before I lay down and try to focus on ONE thing if not NOTHING best of all. I’m saying I know I am on the right track because of my Meditation Induced WILD that I had this morning and then having many many many ND’s that were only all about lucid dreaming and astral projection instead of other things that don’t matter to me.

I’m glad I stayed up so late reading over this topic and becoming serious to meditate once again and for all.

you say that you can LD at will,
well above all else, to LD at will is my # one wish of a miracle, I’m going to do what ever it takes to make this wish come true.
If that means practicing meditation every night AND morning,
Then So Be It!

Congrats Six!
One quick question, did you experience any kind of breathing problem? I seem to be almost there but not quite yet.

I actually always have breathing problems. :neutral: Well it is my horrible allergies, (June is the month that kills me, +I’m in a a different part of the world for the first time this summer, so I’m having more allergic reactions to new types of pollen and climate.) My nose is stuffed up and it sucks breathing through my mouth which is another reason for my usual insomnia…

Ok, sorry if I was complaining. To answer your question better,I didn’t notice anything unusual. What helped me was that I was So Super tired! yet I was persistant to remain aware as my body was surely on it’s way to sleep. I just concentrated on nothing…and passively observed the images, yet mainly concentrated (tried anyway) on only the nothingness and letting go to sleep.

Simply focus on your breathing. There is a special way to breathe when meditating. Its hard to explain, but instead of breathing in by expanding your ribcage, breathe in by expanding your diaphram/stomach. This is actually a more efficient and relaxing way to breathe. More on breathing techniques here. Just like LDing, meditation takes practice, but in my opinion is much easier.

I did it last night!
Well… not exactly like MIWILD, I think it turned out more like MIDILD. Woke up on my own a little after 4AM, sat up in bed and meditated on nothing. it was easier being half asleep, your mind doesn’t run as much as during the day. When my body started to get really heavy I decided to lay down cause it felt like I was fighting a huge weight on my shoulders trying to get me to fold over.
Once I was laying down I focused on nothing but had a hard time staying aware/awake, so I started counting. Every time I hit 50 I sat up and did an RC. After a while I had enough of that seeing as I felt as if I was doing sit-ups all night instead of sleeping. I did my counting for a little longer, taking breaks as to not get too awake, and finally fell asleep into a normal dream in which a DC helped me to become lucid.

@ Ninja,
Thanks a lot for sharing the meditation link on breathing. :smile:
Congratulations KauaiDreamer!
A little effort of “nothing” and you got some results. Way to go! meditation is Awesome.
How did the DC get you lucid?

It was a child DC and she was laughing and pointing at me, because I was walking around her dad’s house without panties on. That made me realize the improbability or me ever doing something like that.
Turned lucid and attempted the last task of LC#24

Hmmm… i wonder if WBTB when combined with MIWILD would produce better results then just MIWILD?

This isn’t really related 2 this topic, but i think having irregular sounds at night helps with dream recall. Recently i got new neighbors that have yippy dogs that bark like every hour, and scince they’ve moved in ive had better Dream recall.

haha great my friend im glad meditation has helped you.
I meditate to enter my LD session -its a good conductor

in a sense it was miwild because you had to concentrate which in meditation you always do. Im happy that some part of miwild helped you achieve your lucid state

Just a stupid question: When meditating, do you meditate sitting up and fall asleep that way, and when u meditate while laying down, what do u focus on and do you give any thought to the HI?