A strange first attempt at Lucidity

Hi there everyone! I was hoping someone could help me understand what happened this morning.

So last night I decided to try a guide on MILD and lucid dreaming. I did the relaxation etc from MILD and set off to sleep.

I remember waking up at around 7AM (after going to sleep around midnight) and remembered having a dream. I remember writing down the dream in my journal which was next to my bed, and then falling back to sleep. I then remember trying to check my hands to see if i was lucid dreaming but couldnt see them because it was pitch black. (Yes i was writing in pitch black)

I then woke up properly a few hours later and to my suprise my dream journal was empty. I checked every page.

Did i dream i had a dream and wrote it down? Did i almost had a lucid dream but missed out cause i didnt think to turn on the lights and check my hands?

What happened!

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that happens to me often. I have a vivid dream, I then have a false wake up where I am writing the dream down. Usually afterwards I wake up and write some of it down for real.

This happened to my friend last night. In his false awakening, his mom came into his room with her phone on, blasting some random news channel while she said “Sweetie, wake up!”, then he fell asleep again. After a few minutes of sleeping he woke up and asked his mom, “Why did you come into my room blasting audio from your phone?” and she said that it never happened.

This phenomenon we like to call FA (false awakening). You dream about waking up and usually also writing dreams down. It’s so common for dreamers that we have a dedicated bb tag for coloring our ld4all dream journal entries where this happened :content:

Yes! That was so close, really. Many people find it a good habit to do RCs after waking up because, like I said, FAs are really common.

Wow! Thanks all! I’ll keep at it and see if I can get a lucid dream!

next time, try something more concrete like making something appear or pinching your nose and trying to breathe. SOOO close!