A thought about lucid foods

Any chocolate with cocoa. Also, I had a few minutes today to take down some notes about Vitamin B from an encyclopedia I found at school. I took only part of it, and I only read half the article. I’ll read the rest later. Anyway, this is what I wrote down:

Exact quote
“Vitamin B6 plays an important role in protein metabolism, and in the sythesis of hemoglobin, serotonin, and aminobutric acid. The latter two compounds may be important chemicals in the metabolism of the brain.”

The “ingredient” in vitamin B6 that sparks lucidity in plants is called pyridoxine. The ones in animals are pyridoxal and pyridoxamine (notice a pattern? I do). You can’t cook them either, or their effects will not work. You also need a LOT of B6 per day.

Some things I found listed with Vitamin B6 are the following:
whole-grain cereals
some vegetables

I guess we found a new one. Nanners (I love saying that)

I’ll have more the next time I get a chance to read it again.

That seems strange to me. Chocolate has caffeine in it, and I don’t want that before I try to sleep, right? It seems to have a contradictory purpose :happy:

These foods can interfere with your sleep. Plus, they contain (relatively) miniscule amounts of B6 and so forth. If you believe that this or that particular substance improves your dreaming, you should use supplements instead. I believe strongly that having your body digesting food during sleep is not only bad for you but inhibits your dreams.

[color=darkblue]Some energy drinks have 500% of your RDA of vitamins B6 and B12. I think red bull does, along with its contempories.

I love the smoothie Idea. Combine all the foods together and make a super lucid recipe! :wink:

Only trouble is- there is no evidence that many of these foods actually work or whether they are just placebo’s…[/color]

wrong whether ^.^

I don’t know how much each of them has, so most of them probably have so little it doesnt matter. We’ll have to test (if we can) and see! So far, I see bananas…

Lucid Smoothis that sounds like a really neat idea. :happy:
Maybe I will try something like that.

As for the keeping you awake bit… I know it’s been said before on the site but I’ll repeat it here: “If you eat such a thing right before you go to sleep by the time it kicks in you will be asleep and thus it will only help you to become lucid” Not an exact quote. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

Good point, I didnt think of that

Should we put a cherry in it? :grin:

Don’t know. Do they make you lucid?

-.- It was a joke. They don’t have any effect as far as we know.

My name isn’t pronounced that way and doesn’t have any connection to fruit.

Pronunciation: Chair-e-a

also bananas,fruitjuice, and popcorn work.

I know how its pronounced, it was just a joke, jeez :meh:

Popcorn? I’ve never heard that, why popcorn?

And I just found out that M&Ms have cocoa…but no caffiene! ^.^

Sorry. I’m used to having to correct people who think my name is just a creative way to spell a fruit… particularly a fruit I’m not fond of. Anyway, didn’t mean to jump on you. =0)

Not sure why popcorn… maybe the butter on it?

I don’t know about popcorn, but I can’t think that chocolate helps.

Until only recently I would go weeks without remembering any dreams and I am a major chocolate fanatic.

Stay away from dark chocolate! off topic removed it’s because it’s LOADED with caffiene! I just learned this, sorry if you knew it.

Anyway on the subject of popcorn, it probably helps because it’s corn, which is a vege, which was on the list. My dream recall and LD streak went down the drain (the bad drain, and that wasn’t a sexual joke) lately. I had some popcorn and remembered a dream very well. But I didn’t write it down and I don’t remember it anymore, I just know I wasn’t lucid and I think it was related to that other dream I can’t remember. But how would popcorn be good in a smoothie? Maybe if we made a snack mix, not a smootie. I’ll try eating corn before bed when I can and see what happens.

off topic removed

I think that actual fruit smoothies with actual corn would be best. I don’t think popcorn has much nutrition or B vitamins or anything left in it after the salting, buttering, dehydrating, and exploding xD

eewww… popcorn and banana smoothie? Interesting idea, though I doubt the taste would be appealing.

wat if we put whole-grain cereals fish milk eggs some vegetables yeast in it and throw in a couple B-6 supplements for a nice creamy texture.

Hi guys, lotta people mentioning popcorn in this thread :smile:
Just a small input here, sweet popcorn is my favorite food ever and the other day i ate a full bag while watching a film online but the internet crashed so i went to bed and had a LD :happy: so in my opinion the popcorn works! maybe its because it actually makes me happy to eat it or maybe the sugar? which would fit in with bananas and chocolate but yeahh, popcorn! :happy: Omnomnomnomnom