about reality check´s

oky i´m trying to learn to have LD, :content: and i´m wondering about those RC, I´we found out that if I do it every time I pass a door, I will do RC 155 times minimum and 200 times max a day, because I have to pass allot of doors on a normal day, and I don´t think it´s good to only do RC every other door(much better to do it on every door to make it a habit :wink:), now is that too much or is there such a thing as too much when it comes to RC :tongue: , is it better to use many different RC, or is it better to select one and stick to that one? :confused:

ps.Sorry if my spelling is all wrong and other stuff I think this is the first time I ever write something here atleast as a topic :unsure:

Just make sure you actually are thinking “AM I REALLY DREAMING”. Otherwise, it might become so habitual, that it won’t trigger that thought within the dream or you might just dismiss the thought straight away without even realizing the dream.

Yep, agreed. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s my fault, if I don’t do RC’s “correctly” during the day, or what, but once I saw a dream sign and looked at my hands. They were normal, so I did the plug nose RC. Still nothing. :neutral: I woke up and said “I knew it was a dream!”… yeah not fun. So I think the important part is actually asking yourself if it’s a dream. And don’t assume the answer is no. Check it! :tongue:

PS: I ended up getting back in the dream, lol … so, happy ending there. :shy:

Don’t make RC’s become too commonplace.
The next time you do one, really, really ask yourself. Be aware of the things around you, and more importantly, be aware of yourself.

(And I thought the post was fine!! smiles)

Tundra and everyone is right. It is very important that when you do a RC that you not only look at what is around you. But also take your time to [color=red]smell [/color]the air, [color=red]feel[/color] the wind on your face, [color=red]touch[/color] an object close to you and [color=red]feel[/color] the texture of it.

When you become [color=red]fully[/color] aware in life, you will do the same in your dreams. :smile:

Couldn’t have put it better myself.
You must learn to how feel.
And I mean FEEL.
Take note now, and feel everything around you and inside yourself.

I totally agree with the consensus here; don’t just perform a ‘reality check’ as a passing thing or habitual action, actually CHECK REALITY. You can’t be immediately callous, or apathetic about the action/s you’re performing or it simply won’t work. In one sense, RCing is simply about making yourself more aware of life itself. It’s about raising your own awareness, and coming out of the ‘sleepwalking’ state of waking life, that most people exist in. I try to perform about 15-20 RCs per day, I’m not going to claim that any particular number is an optimal amount, but this works well for me personally. However, I do think a few hundred is a little much, because as stated, are you really putting the fullest effort into each and every one; really thinking about it?

Even if you are totally sure you are awake, ask yourself mentally how can you tell that you are. Whenever I reality check, I ask myself a few core questions: “Am I dreaming?” Then I’ll look at my hands, back and front, closely. I’ll analyse them until I’m satisfied, turning them back and forth as I do. Afterwards, I’ll look around the place I’m in, listen intently to the various sounds I can hear, look above eye level and below; usually I’ll also try to read something nearby (a sign, a book, advertising, etc) because 99% of the time, text will be very hard to read while dreaming. Then I ask myself the following four questions: “Where am I?” “What am I doing here?” “What have I been doing over the last few hours?” And, “Where am I heading next/what am I going to do next?” (These are questions, which if dreaming, you most likely won’t know the answers to). I’ll provide answers to the questions, and then conclude by telling myself; I’ve completed my RC and I’m sure I’m not dreaming. Make yourself a system you can stick to; a RC mantra if you like. You have to make sure you really put your mind into it, and it will work wonders.

thanks everyone, this has really helped me understand RC´s much better, and how to use them in more effective way.