Accelerative learning state and lucidity

I’m starting to photoread, and there’s one thing Paul Scheele, the author of The PhotoReading Whole Mind System, talks about in this book, which is the accelerative learning state. It’s basically a state of mind in which you are relaxed, but alert, as he also calls it relaxed alertness, that is ideal for learning. I can’t explain it further, but could you people who know about what I’m talking, and also people who don’t know tell me your thoughts on my question? I was wondering if it is just another name, another point of view for lucid living, or if it is similar, or doesn’t have anything in common. Just say what you think. Thanks.

I kind of see where you are coming from… i think haha

As in being aware/alert all the time makes it normal so you are relaxed about it ? If so i believe its similar but not exactly the same because i would differentiate between being alert and being aware.