Adding 40 Hz Low current frontal brain stim to a REM-Dreamer

I notice the REM-Dreamer Board has 8 pins to the left of the processor. Does any one in the forum have one and are the pins active and documented and would one or more of them contain a signal when the device detects a REM State ?

I’m looking for an easy way to add a 40Hz low current signal - connected to some electrodes to provide low gamma frontal stimulation - signaled by one of the pins via an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. I could get an Arduino/Raspberry Pi to detect REM-Dreamer voice cues but if there was a simple digial 1/0 via one of the pins to signal REM detection that would be a lot simpler.

Why would I want to do this : … .3719.html


I was reading about this the other day and it had me pretty intrigued. While I don’t currently have any of the materials or the knowledge to do anything with them if I had them, I would enjoy it if you were to post your progress on here.
I put a pre-order in for an Aurora headband from iWinks a few days ago and I’m pretty sure it has EEG sensors along with EOG sensors to detect REM cycles. If you were to keep me up to date on your progress I would likely try to follow in your steps and create one of my own :happy:

The thought that a device could activate the frontal cortex with a gamma signal of 40 Hz is completely fascinating to me and the results of these experiments definitely sound very positive.

Happy dreaming :happy:

Thanks Aalexx I’ll keep you up to date with my progress

There is a device that is currently shipping from somewhere in the UK. It apparently tracks REM sleep through EEG and EOG sensors placed within set of decorative looking chevrons. Then once the device detects the REM state the electrodes placed all throughout the headband deliver a set 40 hertz low current to the brain and supposedly induce lucid dreams.

Here’s the link :

Thanks Aalexx I’ll check that out sounds great.

Edit: it’s actually made in Russia somewhere and the pre-orders have stopped but they are shipping the orders they already have.