I have been wondering does anyone have any experience about ahdh and LD.
How does it affect on ability to have LD, or does it?
Reason Im asking is cuz I have the thing mentioned above. :smile:

Nope anybody can lucid dream as long as you dream which everybody does. It should not affect it at all, but I cannot be certain so just experiment for yourself. :smile:

Like rusty has said anyone can lucid dream, so I don’t see why it should be a problem. Mainly there could be a slight concentrational problem when attempting to wild, but wild is harder to learn for most anyways.

The doc said I had ADHD when I was ten and put me on meds til I was 15. One day they called me to his office and he said that they had “misdiagnosed” Me with ADHD haha funny story I basically was cracked out all threw middle school cause of this medical incident.

damn, Mr18111, that’s tough!

I think the same as the users above; as long as you are able to dream, you are able to dream lucid, too!

Well I havent been misdiagnosed… Dont know how thats possible? Nowadays there is so much scientific researchs about adhd… Thou I dont know your age so its hard to say:p
But if anything else comes in mind that could somehow be linked adhd and LDing please post :smile:

Well I was misdiagnosed almost twelve years ago haha but even then there was some research. Misdiagnosis can happen with any list of symptoms, especially if the symptoms are vague and there is little physiological evidence to go by, as is the problem with some ADHD and add diagnosis’.

But trust me, I have a short attention span and have spasms of hyperactivity, yet I have no problem focusing on and practicing lucid dreaming :smile:

True. Though it has come far from what it was back then. I mean the research.
But anyway, its good to hear that someone with hyperactivity can do LD just fine.
Just out of curiosity, what methods of LD are you using?

Mild about every night. Some nights I’ll wild for an hour maybe and if I get no where I’ll just do a quick mild or auto suggestion and then go to sleep, but that’s just me.

I have ad(h)d myself, and we have the difficulty of getting to sleep allot, cause we get distracted by everything.

Try some relaxation methods if you’re experiencing the same thing :wink: ( meditation , mastrubation helps to :tongue: , pills , … )

Yes that is true… And I have been doing “light meditation” and breathing meditation. those help me to calm down but I have to practise alot more to gain the full effect.

I have been doing WBTB with WILD for couple of nights now… also doing MILD and self hypnosis before going to sleep. I think I will try SILD next night.