advice needed for new sleep schledue

Now that classes started up for me im stuck with a new horrible sleeping schledue for the week. 4 outta 5 days i have to wake up at 7am but i can get back to sleep around 12 in the afternoon everyday. I almost never get to sleep earlier than 2am so im getting 5 hours of sleep at night then maybe an hours or two when i get back to my room.

my QUESTION is: how can i use this schledue to increase my chances at having an LD. what methods do you think should be used??

the PROBLEM is that: my dream recall seems to be nonexistant when i get back to my room around 12 and take my hour or two nap. its great on the weekends when i sleep for like 9-10 hours. and its even pretty good after the 5 hours of sleep i get at night…

what can i do???/


another question: with all the lack of rem throughout the week do you think my long weekend sleeps will have more intense rem ?

Hi mirra,

It’s said we have more LD’s during naps. Perhaps you could use this and increase your chances by doing a few autosuggestion.

Yes indeed, I think it’s possible.

well i thought the NAP idea would help alot with LD’s and it hasnt much at all. my recall is even worse some how. i find that weird because with class and everythign before my mind is so active as i fall asleep, and i always do MILD/WILD for like an hour before i pass out and nothing. just got a few of this AP like mini LD’s i explained in my earlier thread a while ago…

I was told that the most healthy sleep (according to NASA research) lasts about 30 mins, but you must have a nap every 4 hours. Then you can remove sleeping in the night for 5-10 hours, instead of it, you have only naps. You can sleep then about 3 hours a day because your brain fits these 10 hours in these little naps, with the same result. I don’t know if it is really possible, and working. And i see you won’t be able to sleep every 4 hours.

Maybe is there someone that could try this?