this is not a religious post , but bear with me

i am tired of being very happy [ oops that is a GREAT affirmation,through making a typo, i mean , tired of being “unhappy” ] , but also depressed , because i feel unable to be successful but i am provided for , so i am better off than many , but that is never good enough ,

the bible says you will decree a thing and it will be established in your name and light will shine upon your ways
even before the bible, all people have said this,

there is the secret, that book and movie, and some people think its silly because its new, but their point was that this teaching has been around for ages, and it goes way back before 2000 years , and the author tried to compile some of the teachings of the secret , from different religions, and etc

so here is what i am posting about :
think about something you want, and envision it being good, this does not require more than a few seconds, but i mean if you want to be rich , then think about it making you happy , because it can, not about it just being money , then that could be unhappy richness,

like, if you want a gilfriend or a boyfriend some of them might not be right for you , and if you got them it could mess things up , so picture that GOOD boyfriend or girlfriend, because whoever says that you should not find happiness from things, or experiences
or relationships
is wrong
you can and should take care of being healthy , physically , mentally , doing something you like, the list is too long to compile but art painting yoga tai chi meditation mantras, prayer , atheism, religion, anything in between, whatever works for you

but you should also be happy with abundance ,

so ,
think about an affirmation, make one up that would get you what you want

my goal is to do it all day long, i am setting a timer for 7 minutes , which i will use to affirm that i have this situation that i have been suffering over not having for a few years ,
and then setting it for 5 minutes to use my preferred mantra , and alternating ,
if you are not in a rush 15 minutes a day of affirmation is probably “better” than going at it intense like this but i require immediate changes to satisfy the joy i deserve.

i guess people want the science of how this works, and i do too, so i will keep you posted periodically perhaps, but what i want more than that is to just be able to do it, and not NEED to know about systems and theories as to why it works.

but here is a parable
when i was 18 i didn’t know about the secret from other people
but my grandparents were going to take me gambling, i am not in favor of that idea so much but they are ,very very very very material people, so anyway , i affirmed for a few days before then once in a while, especially during and after sleep and awakening, that i won a large amount of money

so then a slot machine caught my eye and i was told NOT to play it , because it was a dollar machine, but i did it , and i won $300 on the very first pull. if i had done the “max bet” it would have been a ton more
this felt very joyful

another time after reading about this stuff on the internet i said
i am going to win the lucky 7 scratchier tickets
i went and bought some, kept winning, over and over again, at least 5 times, and ended up losing and gaining and losing and gaining, got enough to go have lunch $14 , left over, and that was great,
i thought i would call up a girl i liked to go with me but i doubted, by the time i did she said “I wish you had called a few minutes ago i just started cooking”
so if i had not had doubt both things would have manifested, making me a very happy young lad.

presumably i could be “blocked” from being happy through some “karma” or punishments, but i hope not, i’d rather just fight this and say NO to what is by saying YES over and over again to what i want, until it happens, dumb-fying the doubters as to say "how did you do that ? "

i want to educate them, it just is kind of harsh to be around people that have faith in absolutely nothing but bad stuff, when i know our mind, midness, middleness, focus, is what determines whether the things we think about and fear, or get joyful and inspired about manifest or not

so , for example i wake up today and feel very sad, but instead of creating depression affirmations ( the bible says woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees ) i will decree , over and over and over again, out loud, the opposite…

i also don’t agree right now that emotions are part of it , i got really full of happiness, real happiness, about wining the lottery yesterday and it didn’t happen yet , i think that its better to not TRY TO FEEL HAPPY but rather just keep affirming like its “hard work” so that the happiness will come on its own instead of you trying to induce it , but it is good to say "thank you , i love you " to your happy visions. nothing can stop them really but sometimes our doubt is almost overwhelming and this is why the routine and "hard work " needs to be done of affirming until , like pulling up weeds, there is only the good stuff in our garden.

its easier for teenagers and even easier for children ,

by the way the best book i have found is the dynamic laws of success by catherine ponder, i have tried to read a ton of books on this subject, and after reading one they all seem so redundantly similar, but this book goes through a TREMENDOUS amount of useful information covering so may different ways to realize our goals and desires using the “force” of love and inspiration to manifest seemingly “impossible” miracles

i guess all the metaphysical books do this in some way but i really cannot have the patience to read them, , if i were to continue writing i would just repeat myself :smile: about how this book seems really awesome to me , and encouraging.