Afraid of vividness?

I had a DEILD (or almost) last night, and to my surprise it got really vivid really quick. Of course this is something I really want! But as it was getting vivid I sort of freaked out a bit and woke up. This might have been just excitement, but I think there was some fear there too. Why would vivid LD’s scare me? :confused: any idea how to overcome this? Just “staying calm” should help, but the fear was a bit strange, I’d like to understand that. Maybe it was just how quick things go vivid and I felt like on a rollercoaster or something, which I couldn’t control and all I could think was “wait, wait! Easy! Slower!”. Has anyone had this? There’s nothing in the world I’d like more than super viid and stable LD’s!

Sorry for any typos, typing on ipod, bored at work! :lol:

I think you get scared over the realization that you don’t actually experience reality, and seeing something that looks exactly like real life while also realizing that you are the creator of everything can be pretty overwelming.
I guess it’s something you just need to get used to. :tongue:

I’ll keep practicing! :grin:

I really wanted to ask: are you still inspired by the quick DEILD guide?

I had that experience today, I woke up a bit earlier (naturally) did a DEILD. I felt like falling real fast, then I stabilized it, you just need to remain calm and confident about your stabilization abilities.
Unfortunatelly for me, my alarm clock rang about 5 minutes later.

STILL, sometimes you may not be able to do it because you don’t quite have everything it’s needed for stabilization: for example, you can’t really reenter REM because of many other issues (example: not asleep enough).
For me DEILD has a very high success rate, I just don’t get the opportunity so often.

Yeah. That one and a couple other ones OmkAR posted, just the steps. For some reason I just decided to try them and they showed lots of potential! (mainly the keep breathing the same and the count to 30 then roll over)

I didn’t feel any falling, just visuals getting really vivid and a general feeling of “becoming present”, if that makes sense. I don’t think I’ve ever had a LD THAT vivid and real, so it sort of shocked me. I’ll keep trying as I really want it! :nuu:

The cool thing is It lasted like 1 or 2 seconds, and I didn’t even make it completely into the dream, but it was more than enough to get me motivated and in a great mood throughout the whole day :grin:

I guess it’s just getting used to. Maybe if I’m able to make it one step further each time I’ll get there…

If it’s something that doesn’t happen a lot for you, now when it did I bet this scared the shit out of you because I believe you’ve witnessed the possibility that dream and waking life can be at any time ONE.

I would suggest now when you have this feeling in your mind, the vividness and all that you meditate on it. This could extend and prolong the feeling and you can transfer it to the dream world and it might help you to get that kind of vividness again! I really hope it happens for you again, SOON! :content:

Good luck! :grin:

I think I’ve been doing this a bit, actually (if I understand it correctly).

I haven’t had any more DEILD’s. I’ve been waking up without moving a lot, but I get lost in my counting and fall asleep again…

Yes, it’s a very tricky this DEILD. Even though you might wake up and be mentally awake sometimes it seems like it’s not the right time to actually do DEILD, I guess that’s the moment when we wake up after REM not in REM which is required for maximum success! :neutral:

Sometimes just the feelings associated with going into REM atonia can naturally cause such a fear. Maybe it was that natural fear combined with the unusual vividness that freaked you out so much. I’m sure that if you experience it a few more times, it won’t bother you so much anymore and you’ll be able to go through with the lucid.

The more I think about it (or the more time passes after this almost-LD), the more I’m not sure if it was fear or just excitement :lol:. I have a hard time identifying my emotions IWL, so that might work the same in dreams. I probably wake up a lot from LD’s due to excitement but just think “what the hell happened?”.

I’ll keep trying, I just wished I had more time to sleep :tongue:. Thanks for all the comments!

It could have been fear. My brother had a spontaneous lucid dream. Our cousin, which went to college, but in his dream was calling him to come to her. My brother thought that it was impossible, did an RC, and realized he was dreaming. He got really scared of the vividness, and wanted to wake up, and he did. I probably would be scared a bit of vividness :content:

if it was your first dream with such vividness,i think you were shocked and excited about it :smile: and that woke you up. Im pretty sure next time it happens,you will be more calm. Pretty much the same thing happened to me less then a week ago. Was a very short LD. I found myself lying on the floor,in an ampty room with snow-white walls. I didnt move or anything,and all i saw was my slippers infront of me. So clear …the colors were so vivid. The last thought before waking up was “wow…if i didnt know this is a dream,i wouldnt spot any difference between reality and a dream”. The emotions i got from this 20seconds dream charged me for the whole day :cheesy:

Yeah, that’s probably it :content: I’m going to seriously try meditating more frequently, that should help in many ways, including being able to control my emotions in super vivid LD’s.

Isn’t it amazing!?

Those intense lucid dreams are amazing and even short ones can change your mood for days.

It might be that you were experiencing something different than you expected in your LD. Emotions are irrational in real life and dreams. Is it possible you were feeling more anxiety than fear because of how fast the vividness progressed. Made you feel out of control even though you were lucid.

Sounds like a beautiful dream.