Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, etc

Ahhh, I just emerged from an awesome trance-like state… Good, right? Wrong, wierd things have been happening (I’m talking realy wierd… odd flashing lights outside when no one is there, police sirons in the distance that only stay on for three seconds at a time and a sound likesomeone is sweeping the floor with a broom.) Is this a dream? Did I fall asleep during the trance?.. I’ve done some reality checks and they all say this is real, but… I’ve had times in my dreams before where reality checks didn’t work… I’m probably just paranoid, but still… Wait… If I am dreaming, then your all DCs… Heh. Like I said before, I’m probably just being paranoid…

Sounds like the hypnagogic state to me.

Phew, glad thats over.

I sometimes have that where you see flashing lights outside for no good reason. Are they hypnagogic phenomena?

Ok thats weird… YOUR DREAMING :tongue:

Yeah, that does sound like a hypnagogic state. I get it all the time, and I love it.
If only I could focus long enough to become lucid… :wallhit: