Alex Grey's artwork.

I just started looking into some of Alex Grey’s work, and I love his paintings. He paints about spiritual concepts mostly. You can see his paintings here: Alex Grey

Click paintings, and then click the different options on the right hand side. What do you guys think?

i think they are very powerful and interesting

the lateralus concept artwork is something that holds an energy in some other world and if i just think about it, or see the physical copy, its afterimage is transposed in m6y “other vision” (not quite “inner vision”) for some time

its the kind of thing i have some skepticisms about, are they doing GOOD WILL? out of love, dharma ?

definitely some of it is love and healing but since he seems to pull it all from his psychedelic use i think he’s just showing random dimensions and some is not pure Wholesomeness would love to hear what people think about this

lol i did a report on LSD and most of the blotter paper were alexs artwork
so maybe he does LSD or LSD users like that artwork

LSD users would love his work. I know of at least one of his works that are drug influenced. Nonetheless it loses no merit.

true that :tongue: his artwork is amazing