Almost There... :/

Alright, so I was walking around my house and I started to get pretty tired
so I went to parents room and crashed on their bed, and took a nap. So in my dream
I was noticing that something about it just wasn’t right.
So I tried to do an RC, but as soon as that thought came to my mind
I started to like spasm and the whole dream went CRAZY!
it felt like an earthquake was happening right were I was standing,
I started shouting as loud as I can “LUCIDITY x10000”, hehe but
nothing worked
and then I fade away from the dream and it goes to pitch black
then to my vision in RL(I think i was still dreaming that though) and into
another dream.

But, even in this dream. When I noticed something odd
I tried to do the finger check RC and I just would not be able to look
down at my hands, I couldn’t even bring them up (my body was being a total ******bag)
:[ this doesn’t happen all the time but still,
Is there a way to get around this?

simple, believe. It’s all a dream, be patient and relaxed

Sounds like you were already halfway awakening. Not being able to move your body is probably sleep paralysis: one half of you was trying to move your real body, and one half was still in the dream.