Alright, so far I'm in the hypnagogic stage

You know, when you see lots of color lights and think whether you’re high or not.

I seem to reach with ease to that part of the dream stage, and tonight I managed to see geometrical shapes or complete images (like an eye, a face or a fence). But then I completely awake myself and back to the hypnagogic stage. Anyway, if I relax myself I end up in an “average dream”.

I’ve already tried counting, so I’ve run out of options with WILD. Should I keep trying?

Wow, I’m so jealous of you people that reach that state so easy! :grrr: Anyway, you seem to be very close. You could try to let go of the counting and focus more on the things you see, visualize an environment or object, especially on details like smell, texture, colours etc. I found that this works better for me atleast. :tongue:

Thanks, I’ll try that this night!