Always Semi-Lucid

Hello everyone!

So, I’ll get to the point. I’ve noticed that for the past month or so, every time I dream normally, I always have some degree of lucidity. Part of my mind knows I’m dreaming and therefore makes adjustments to the dream according to my needs.

For example, in a dream last night, I was a vampire. I was at a restaurant with some of my family, and didn’t see anything on the menu appetizing. Mentally, I prosessed this, and thought “There needs to be a vampire section of the menu”. And soon a section of vampire-friendly foods appeared. A little later, I was outside with a friend, and realized that the sun didn’t hurt me. I told myself mentally that the sun would start to burn me, and soon it did.

How can I make the transition from these partially-lucid dreams into complete lucid dreams?

Thanks! :content:

Interesting question, hope someone answers it. Last night had one of those myself, having a part of a dream I didn’t like, but because “It was a dream” realized I had an option of waking up and just changing that element. I didn’t opt for waking up, though I don’t remember the dream to have continued.

You should try to tell yourself before going to sleep that next time you have even a little doubt about being dreaming, you will do an tc or just realize that you are dreaming.

Increase the number of reality checks you perform throughout the day. Before bed, relax and repeat to yourself “The next time I’m dreaming I will de a reality check and realise I’m dreaming.”
Also make sure that you don’t go to bed when you’re too tired or it will decrese the likelihood of becoming lucid. I would also suggest using the MILD technique.

That doesn’t mean you were partially lucid in those dreams, only that you had control. Lucidity is only if we realize we’re dreaming, no matter how weak or helpless we are in the dream.

So just continue to do your technique, RCs and keep using your journal.

Sorry if that disappoints you, but you naturally having control over your dreams is a very good thing because you won’t have to get used to it when you are lucid, and your LDs might be much more interesting :smile:

Many people struggle with control, so embrace the opportunity.