Am I almost there?

I was just wondering, this is the second sort of dream I’ve had. I was in the sea, bla bla bla, and I was swimming, but there were no waves. I was like, what? There should be waves, and as soon as I thought it, waves came, but it made it harder for me to swim, so I thought ‘uh oh wish the waves would go, I can’t swim like this’ so the waves went as soon as I thought it. There were also lil mice involved, but thats not the point. (!)
Is this a good stepping stone to work on to become lucid?


It sounds like a normal dream to me… :sad:

Aah well, never mind. “Oh well whatever never mind…”
Liked the mice tho. :content:

No, no, no! That was an absolute precursor to Lucid Dreaming. It wasn’t quite lucid, but one more step and would have been.

Questioning your reality in a dream is a huge hint towards a lucid dream!

Yeah, subconciusly controlling your enviroment in an ND emans you were close to haveing an LD.

If you do lots of RC’s in Real Life then next time something like that happens in a dream you might get lucid…

It was a normal dream however, you were on the verge of waking up in it. You knew that something was wrong you just could not figure out what it was. Try and develop a habit of testing your reality in your waking life and do reality checks. Also, keep a dream journal (very important IMO) Hopefully the next time something like this happens and you will take the next step and realize why things are wrong. “Because you are dreaming”.

It is a sign that you are on the right track so keep practicing.

Good luck and happy dreaming.

Thanks very much! (Am I dreaming? Nope!)

You might have been though… RC’s don’t always work (which is why shoudl take rmoe than one and a selection of them).
In fact… you could be dreaming now…

I could be dreaming now… hm…

Okay, so i doubt, but you can never be sure :wink:.