Really simple thought,

but would having ambience play as you sleep help you get lucid?

(e.g. the sound of waves lapping at a shore, or birds chirping in a rainforest etc.)

Maybe, depends. I had success with leaving music on while sleeping (or a movie - I had several lucid dreams intertwined with the dialogue from a movie that I used to watch every day). I think that ambiance could become a part of your dream in such a way that it would be worthless as a dreamsign. Music, on the other hand, made me wonder why heavy metal was blasting from the sky, which led to lucidity. :happy:


that would be an interesting experiment actually

finding which types of music stimulate your brain the most

I go to sleep many times listening to isochronic tones / brainwave technology music, If I don´t try any technique and simply sleep to it than I will most ikely have a 70% chance of having a lucid dream, which I consider pretty high.

I also like going to sleep to pink floyd. my mind is trained to identify it as a dream sign, so everytime I listen to pink floyd in real life I do an RC. Therefore If I play pink floyd in the background, there is a very high chance I will listen to it inside my dream and perform an RC.