An easy WILD technique: visualizing colours

I tried this (very briefly) and I really think it has potential. I noticed some HI came up whilst still on red. Then I just rolled over and went to sleep. :peek: It seems very promising though.

While doing the technique is one supposed to focus on the third eye while visiualizing the colors? Or does ‘mind’s eye’ simply mean to imagine it in your mind?

No there’s no need of focusing on the third eye. You just think of the red rose for example. When you think hard enough, you will see it. Not clearly, but in “mind’s eye”.

I don´t know, but I think this tecnique helped. But I had loots of vivid dreams, and got lucid for a few sec… And I´ve only had like 5 LD durig this year

And by the way, I dont´know if I´ve got this right, but is this tecnique a WILD method???

The Easy way to remember the cycle is ROY G BV, Roy G Bv, someones name, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet

EDIT: The most effective way is ROY G BIV Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

I tried this technique last night. I didn’t remember any dreams, but the technique was relaxing.
I think I probably visualized the colors too fast. I went through the spectrum several times. Actually I visualized coloured objects; A red tomato, orange underwear, a yellow lemon, green grass, blue sky and a violet flower. Somehow it was rather relaxing.

In one cycle though, I suddenly felt weird. At some color, I suddenly felt something like a light tingle throughout my whole body really fast and I felt lighter for a moment. I also felt as if a second me was inside a long shaped box, slightly above me, but still overlapping my actual body. I could feel the bed but I also felt this weird… feeling.
It’s funny because I’m used to feeling heavy and paralyzed. This time I was feeling light and I wasn’t paralyzed.

I’m going to try this again tonight. Let’s see if I can get further.

Now I’m a bit confused, were those replies to classicalhisux?
Or me to my technique, I’m a slow one over here. And I really didn’t mean to sound like a “Know it all” :sad:

But I do wish everyone luck on what they’re working on ^^

I tried it last night. Eventually, I had done it so many times that I pictured like a bunch of ballerinas in different colored dresses spinning around creating colors. It was awesome. But it didn’t work for me…

TOTSE (the site that hosts this technique) is well-known for their articles on drugs, weapons, hacking, theft, erotica, scams, explosives, etc. Lots of stuff that could be classified as “illegal” (even though there’s no law against reading that kind of stuff).

They also have more techniques on LDing, as well as other dream related stuff at: … index.html

I tried this last night also, I felt relaxed as soon as I saw Red! But Im having a difficult time breathing right before your body falls completely asleep. It becomes extremely hard to exhale so I keep inhaling to the point where I cant breathe, then I had to sit up and force all the air out, ruining my experience :sad:

Haku, it happens to me too. It’s hard to breathe, sometimes even painful.

Haha, I was doing a few cycles of this before going to sleep, and my body jolted me awake. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was only sleeping, for I kept seeing things move on my walls. So I walk outside and everythings fine, I do several reality checks. (all failed) and then tried to spin around and see if the setting changed. I ran into my wall when i did this and fell down. I came to the conclusion that I was awake :lol:


I’ve been there (last night, in fact)… except for the running into the wall part, but that seems like quite the reality check, maybe the best one. I’ll try that RC shortly I think.

Wow, you got all of this stuff off of Totse? I’d watch out now if I were you, the FBI is probably tracking your computer. :tongue:

Not really, but Totse does have a lot of… well… interesting stuff on it. Pretty much everything from making homemade bombs to hacking vending machines to growing ricin. Not the most responsible site, but I’m glad they have some dream related stuff.

I’ve tried this method a few times and it definetely helps me relax but I haven’t been able to WILD with it. I’ll keep trying though!

Despite where it’s from, anything’s worth trying in my opinion. I’m excited to give it a go.

Attempted this last night for quite a while. I was easily relaxed and fell asleep doing it. Unfortunately, last night was the first night in three days that I didn’t remember a dream or fragment. I am going to try tonight again, will update if there is any change as to the outcome.

I totally forgot about this. I’m going to give it another go again tonight. :cool_laugh:

I did it! This trick (in combination with the water trick) allowed me my first seconds of lucidity since I was a child! I am soooo happy! Thank you classicalhisux for posting this! dances, cheers

I actually just tried this technique this morning…how ironic. I’m starting to lose my skills on going into Alpha state :sad: this is not good.

I’m desperate for a new technique…ill give this a go. Post results later. :tongue: