An easy WILD technique: visualizing colours

I’m certainly going to be trying this tonight!

I have tried this a few times now and I have had detailed dreams, seems like dreams more. At least I get to write more stuff in my DJ when I do it. But I haven’t tried it that many times. I just have a good feeling about this technique. It also got me relaxed quite quickly.

This technique can also be pretty nice in meditation too ^^ You can concentrate on it and relax your body, and let go of all your stress. It’s pretty cool :smile:

the link doesnt work anymore :sad:

Rashid 11, you’re right, the link doesn’t work anymore. Although that may be, this technique seems promising. It’s showed some success and has said to create very good normal dreams. I believe that if you use this right, you could modify it to help induce indeed a lucid dream. I’ll be trying this tonight and post how it went tomorrow. Good job on this technique by the way!

I have two questions.

  1. How long should I think about the colors? How long should I give for red, orange, indigo etc etc?
  2. I have an extreme insomnia condition. It takes around 2-3 hours for me to fall asleep. Will I be able to fall asleep fast with this technique?

the content was posted into this topic. Mainly because of the controversial content of the rest of the site :tongue: .

I go with 10secs, and that’s what other people in this topic said too, but you can go longer if wanted or needed.
And b) yes it will definitely help. Just remember to relax, focus on your intention of visualizing colors (which means no distractions, just think about the exercise) and keep cycling if needed. I got asleep in a single cycle more than once :content: and I was a poor sleeper too.

Hmm… but it seems really surreal that I’ll fall asleep in a short time when I have such an extreme insomnia problem. (I’m 16, and I’ve tested 2 different sleeping pills at two different times. They didn’t work on me…)

  1. How long do you think it will take for me to “fall asleep”?

  2. Doesn’t this mean that this technique the ultimate cure for insomnia?

  1. Well, I experimented many techs other than this one, this is just one of the many ways of getting asleep faster. With time I got the general meaning, and I set myself up for sleeping faster.

  2. If you relax your body first, it will take little, however i can’t know how much it will take for you, nor you should know it, because waiting for the moment you will get asleep will only keep you awake :tongue: just go with the flow of visualizing, keep your attention there, and relax in general, you’ll be asleep before you know it :wink:

Well I did this yesterday night. Didn’t work at all.

First I thought of objects in different colours (ROYGBIV). Didn’t work, so I went on to think about paint falling like a waterfall in the different colours. I wasn’t excited, I was relaxed and calm.

This technique didn’t work in the night, neither in the morning when I woke up without even moving.

This stuff just doesn’t work for me. I’m so angry! :grrr:

It’s really good, I was very relaxed but then I had to swallow my savila…

What do you find yourself thinking about during those attempts? Thoughts about the future or past can keep you awake for long time.

At this point, I would suggest meditation. It’s a freaking cure-all, believe me. Just sit for some minutes, being quiet, observing, listening. Let thoughts flow, be aware of them, and focus on the sensory experience only. I hope it goes well for you :smile:

Well this technique seems to give me a nice boost.

I suggest you imagine a surface of liquid coloured in red (the first colour in the spectrum) and with each breath you take- imagine something small fell into the liquid. The ripples then go as they go naturally and the colour gently paints into the next colour of the spectrum. This seems to relax me quickly enough. However, I have one question for the more experienced LD ers out there:

When i do as i mentioned above it goes easy at first. it goes “red…orange…yellow…green…blue…violet…red…ora…nge…ye…llow. …gr…ee…n…” Undersdtand? I start to slip and other thoughts start racing through my head. Usually quite random thoughts.

SO, with the given situation I can only see three possible choices:

  1. Allow my thoughts to divert from the technique when it does so naturally and just drift along the random thoughts (wouldnt that make me fall asleep un-lucid?)

  2. Keep focus on the colours no matter what until i find myself in the lucid dream (wouldn’t that be pushing it?)

  3. Neither focus on the technique, neither allow my mind to wander absolutely, but rather begin to focus on my awareness and the sensory experience when I feel that the technique has relaxed my mind and body enough?

What do you guys think? ^^

thanks socks-ychor :smile:

Link is down, was interested in reading this!

found the text it is in the thread… Having a really long period, lost count, but it might be years without LD’s… Gonna try this now…

Could anyone update the link pretty please? People may want to try it, and it’s not working… :sad:
Thanks ! :smile:

Unfortunately it looks like the site that was originally hosting it went down. I’m not sure there is an easy way to find it again. I used the Way Back Machine internet archive, but the last copy of the page is from 2007 and does not seem to have that link. Moreover, the page that is there has some… interesting content. It might be best to move on :razz:

Do i have to focus on my third eye while visualising colours. And can i visualise just a circle of colours like red, orange etc?

Can i change my sleeping positions while visualising and can i open my eyes for a brief period while visualising?

Oh, sorry, I was wrong… Actually, the whole method is on page 2 of answers :razz: Perhaps someone could link to this part of the thread instead ?

I’m not an expert, but in these techniques, your focus will break very easily if you move, and you’ll go through sleep paralysis hell if you open your eyes, so I really advise you not to do any of these.