An idea for a new method to get lucid

It`s based on the “Breath through your fingers” RL.
So this is my idea:

First thing to do is to lay in bed, relax and all that.
After a while when hypnogogic images start to appear, try to imagine that your room wich you are sleeping in, is completely filled with water. You are now UNDER water, and after awhile you might be able to drift into sleep still having this imagination in your head. You will then theoretically start to dream about being under water, and when you do you will realise that you are dreaming because you can breath while being under water.

Please help me develop this method so that it can be better, and if you have any ideas for it, then please feel free to post it!

Sounds like a splendid idea! :smile: But I cannot help you there, sorry… :sad: Try asking the WILD-ers of the forum, they can help ya out. :smile:

I`m a MILDer myself… Eey! fra Norge? :happy:

Hvor ble det av Norge sin topic i forumet her når vi trenger den? :tongue:

But yeah, seriously, this tech will work mostly for WILD-ers. Anyone can try it, but WILD-ers would have better success.

hmm breathe through your fingers. i got an idea sorta like that, yours inspired me. i dont know if this is already an rc, if it is i havnt heard of it.

my main rc is pinching my nose and breathing in. perhaps next time instead i will try placing my whole hand over my mouth and breathing in.

breathing through my hand :wink:

My RC was the one you refer to. :smile:

What you invented already exists. It’s the VILD method indeed. Look at the BIG VILD topic, especially the first post which describes the method.

That’s happened to me before- except with the concept of space. My dream first started out as I was in a ship with my friends. They lend me out in a cord to collect a rock from space, I didn’t have a suit then it hit me- I can’t breathe in space as the LD began. I agree with VILD to be very useful in these cases.

Yeah, it’s actually a perfect example for VILD, with a RC included. Congratulations and thanks Dandelion02! This would be a method that I can actually imagine. I tried standing in a room and walking, I couldn’t even do it. :content:

This does seem a good way of VILDing! I might try it soon. :yes: