Anime/Manga-fans here?

Just saw this Ranma 1/2 episode:

Liked it!

So we can’t post our MAL profiles? Well…


-Serial Experiments Lain
-Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
-Aria the Animation
-Lucky Star
-Haruhi (both seasons. I loved Endless Eight)
-School Days
-Detroit Metal City
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


-Dragon Head
-Battle Royale
-Dr. Slump (a classic! XD)
-20th Century Boys
-Ichi The Killer
-Katteni Kaizo

And more. XD

I’m sorry, I get a bit too excited when talking about this stuff and make lists far too long. Sorry!

I’d like to watch Clannad. Looks very, very good…and to everyone who is intrigued by Lain but not too much, I STRONGLY recommend it. :smile:

@Bruno: I recently bought a manga by Suehiro Maruo. I’ll read that soon. Looks great.


  • Berserk
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Is it the creepy one about spirals? :eek: I didn’t sleep for a couple of days cause of it :bored:

Hell yeah, an Anime topic! :mrgreen:
Here are my personal charts:


  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the plain old FMA show wasn’t bad either, but Brotherhood just deserves the top spot because it sticks to the Manga)
  • Death Note
  • Hellsing Ultimate OVAs
  • The Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya (I heard there’s a 2nd Season?)
  • Fairy Tail
  • Bleach


  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Hellsing
  • Ao no Excorcist
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tail
  • Bleach
  • Naruto

If I had to pick an overall favourite it would probably be FMA or Death Note. FMA is definately the best Manga I’ve read that’s ongoing at the moment. Out of the weekly Shonen, I’d have to say One Piece is the best, and the prize for the most hilarous I’ve watched would go to Haruhi!^^

Things I’ve started and/ or I have to pick up (again):
Elfenlied (read some chapters), Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Bamboo Blade (read some chapters)

Childhood memories :colgate: :
Dragonball (honestly, who of my age didn’t watch it?), Detective Conan (a.k.a. Case Closed in the U.S.), Inu Yasha, Pokémon

Just started Psyren!
Reminds me a lot of lucid dreaming!
Other Psyren readers here?

After finished watching Elfen Lied and had a good Anime break (I don’t see much anime I must admit, but I really like it, if I find the storyline interesting), I started watching Death Note and so far its going awesome, I really recommend it!

Death Note as about the best I’ve seen when it comes to highly intelligent characters. I don’t know how much you’ve seen, but the psychological warfare the main characters deliver is just incredible, every time they find a more amazing way to outwit each other, only to find out their rival was already a step ahead.

Agreed! Thats what I like the most! Though I’d wish that some semi-important characters would live longer :sad: but still its a great Anime! I’m currently in Episode 9, I still got a long way to go but so far its going great :content:

I’m so happy you guys are mentioning Death Note and Neon Genesis Evangelion. AWESOME shows!! Just looking at images from Neon Genesis Evangeliion (Eva) takes me back to being in awe of that series when I was watching it.

What’s that Neon Genesis Evangelion you speak of about ? I want to have another anime ready when I finish watching Death Note :happy:

Nodame Cantabile was the only anime I ever really got into. Sadly, it was only three seasons. But that just means it’s really easy to re-watch!

My top three series:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, needs no commentary but “AWESOME!”
Serial Experiments Lain (it’s like the Matrix, only everybody is cold and miserable)
Earthgirl Arjuna (it’s like Captain Planet with a major in Asian studies and tripping on Salvia)

Shaman king, one piece,HxH ,…

Naruto before it got so popular. Bleach, Death Note, Prince of Tennis.

These are probably my favorite.

Pokémon is also okay, I kind of like the original series though.

Dragon Ball Z is pretty good too, but I don’t really watch it that much. I haven’t seen many episodes.

It’s one of the best animes ever. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a truly life-changing experience. :wink:

Woah! Well If what you say its true then I’ll be sure to check it out! :razz:

Evangelion is a show i give a lot of flak- and it deserves every bit of it. It’s a hugely flawed show with a lot of problems, the main one being that in the end characters have major personality issues and psychological problems JUST to have major personality issues and psychological problems.

However, it’s also one of my favorite animes of all time, and with good reason. See, while it deserves every bit of complaining it gets, it also deserves every bit of praise. In a time when Gundam was getting to it’s angsty teen drama stage (Gundam Wing- not a bad show, however) NGE had the good sense to totally deconstruct the giant robot genre. There’s action in NGE but it takes second bill to showing just how tortured and shitty the pilot’s lives are (in fact, the pilots were chosen because the ones with issues are more likely to be better pilots).

TL;DR: NGE takes a bunch of Christian mythology references and throws them face-first into Sigmund Freud, and ends up asking it’s audience “who are you, really?” That’s why it’s a good show.

I started to watch Fairy tail , and It’s really good .

I watched Spirited Away a few days ago. That movie never gets old. It’s one of my favourites. :smile: