Anime supporters !

I am surprised more people dont watch gungrave. Gotta be one of the best Anime out there.

Elfen lied, One piece, pokemon, Full moon wo sagasshite, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop,

And I kind of like Naruto (I like the manga but haven’t watched a full anime episode yet)


oh dear god :eek:
there also seems to be a load of porno on here as well…jus making an observation.

the only anime im really into atm is teen titans…i know the name (and the titles) are really childish but the storys are good and i think starfire’s cute in a dumb sorta way :content:

I havent seen anyone name H or ero titles, lots of ecchi stuff but no pron :open_mouth:

I absolutely love Hikaru No Go. (sig) Naruto is great, too. I feel bad tho that Yu-Gi-Oh! got a bad rep here in the states for the abomination of a dub 4Kids made; they cut all the most memorable scenes, the awesome introes and closings, sound effects, ENDING, and all the other stuff that made it good. :sad:

Started to watch Bleach, all I can say this far is that they could make quite an action game out of it (if they haven’t already done it). I also wonder how they write it in Japanese. :confused:

lol they have … there’s 3 pretty good ones for the psp called “Bleach: Heat the soul” and I think 2 on the ps2 :content: ( Did you mean how they write Bleach in Japanese?)

Yeah, especially in Romaji or whatever it’s called.
Btw, why did they call it Bleach? It’s like calling a sitcom “Mothballs”. :eh:

Oh right, they write it in Katagana, and romanji …it shows the word after the intro I think :eh: … and not sure why they call it bleach lol… colour of ichigo’s hair? :eh:

You’ve got it all wrong, there’s never a reason for english, it just sounds cool ( => read Engrish )

Watched a commercial on TV that said they’d air Naruto here strarting from September. Should I watch it?

Not if it’s dubbed and censored to hell, which happened in America … but you can if you want it’s your choice :content:

Right on. I watched it, it’s so lame on Toonami. They made it really cheesy, and made lots of mistakes. An example is how Iruka had a nosebleed that they cut out in the english dub of episode 1, but 5 seconds later he had tissue in his nose. I bet lots of people who haven’t seen the Japanese version got what the heck he had in his nose and why. :ack: However, I just watch the Japanese version. I personally think that he should try that first.

There are no dubs here on TV, they just translate and redo the voice acting. But I guess is similar, if not identical to dubbing. Since I can’t speak Japanese, I guess I’m stuck either with dubs or total translations.

Yeah… i would say it’s best to go for subtitles if you can. That way everything is how it was intended to be, and the only problem is a little bit of writing at the bottom!

I like Dragonballz, rurouni kenshin and Sailor Moon

Just watched “Great Teacher Onizuka”, it’s a very enjoyable anime, which at first I’d thought I’d never get acustomed to, but I must say it grows on you…and here’s a short description :content:

…oh just finished the first ep of “Samurai Champloo” and I must say it’s a pretty fresh anime makes me want to watch the rest instantly. If you like “Bleach” you’d like this…though the two are very different…

has anyone seen Air Gear?

Little Bleach question: what happens when you die as a spirit? Total annihilation?

Hmm good question, not quite sure … although I read somewhere there is a flow of souls between the worlds, so it is possible that they can be reborn in the human world

I think it may explain it in the quincy episode where Ishida and Ichigo are fighting each other :eh: