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Oh right, they write it in Katagana, and romanji …it shows the word after the intro I think :eh: … and not sure why they call it bleach lol… colour of ichigo’s hair? :eh:

You’ve got it all wrong, there’s never a reason for english, it just sounds cool ( => read Engrish )

Watched a commercial on TV that said they’d air Naruto here strarting from September. Should I watch it?

Not if it’s dubbed and censored to hell, which happened in America … but you can if you want it’s your choice :content:

Right on. I watched it, it’s so lame on Toonami. They made it really cheesy, and made lots of mistakes. An example is how Iruka had a nosebleed that they cut out in the english dub of episode 1, but 5 seconds later he had tissue in his nose. I bet lots of people who haven’t seen the Japanese version got what the heck he had in his nose and why. :ack: However, I just watch the Japanese version. I personally think that he should try that first.

There are no dubs here on TV, they just translate and redo the voice acting. But I guess is similar, if not identical to dubbing. Since I can’t speak Japanese, I guess I’m stuck either with dubs or total translations.

Yeah… i would say it’s best to go for subtitles if you can. That way everything is how it was intended to be, and the only problem is a little bit of writing at the bottom!

I like Dragonballz, rurouni kenshin and Sailor Moon

Just watched “Great Teacher Onizuka”, it’s a very enjoyable anime, which at first I’d thought I’d never get acustomed to, but I must say it grows on you…and here’s a short description :content:

…oh just finished the first ep of “Samurai Champloo” and I must say it’s a pretty fresh anime makes me want to watch the rest instantly. If you like “Bleach” you’d like this…though the two are very different…

has anyone seen Air Gear?

Little Bleach question: what happens when you die as a spirit? Total annihilation?

Hmm good question, not quite sure … although I read somewhere there is a flow of souls between the worlds, so it is possible that they can be reborn in the human world

I think it may explain it in the quincy episode where Ishida and Ichigo are fighting each other :eh:

Hello, there, folks. New and avid anime fan to join the conversation, if I may?

My list, for anyone interested:
-Death Note
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-1/2 of Ranma 1/2
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Some others that I never finished and/or never liked. ( = Mechas.)

If you’re still wondering, Bleach is spelled ブリーチ (Burīchi) in Japan, along with the romaji spelling. And there are two schools of thought on why it’s called Bleach:

-When Japanese people bleach their hair, sometimes it doesn’t work properly, and their hair ends up orange - in other words, yes, Ichigo’s hair.
-Some think that Bleach may also refer to the fact that the shinigami’s zanpakuto “cleanse a hollow’s soul” just like bleach cleanses your white clothes.

Anyway, yes, there is, in fact, a constant flow of spirits between the two worlds, which is why the Quincies’ bows are so damaging to the balance, since they completely destroy the souls. I would assume, though it is never really explained, that a soul who dies returns to the living world again. Seems like it’d be a bit of a one-sided process, though, seeing how long people seem to live in soul society.

Hi! Also an anime fan here (but I think even moreso a manga fan. ^_^) And uh, a fan of shounen-ai and yaoi. LOL :wink:

My favorite anime series are Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Yami no Matsuei, Hellsing, Azumanga Daioh and Fullmetal Alchemist.
I really want to watch Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig and Stand Alone Complex because I think I’ll love them… but I haven’t had the time yet!

My favorite manga ever is Battle Angel Alita. It is really violent at times, but also stunning, philosophical, and moving… did you know there is a bit in volume 9 of the original manga series that is totally about lucid dreaming and false awakenings? \o/ And the new Last Order series is just amazing, too. I could rant about it forever :happy:

I also love the manga FAKE, Gerard & Jacques, Antique Bakery, Shout Out Loud!, Wild Rock… uh… those are all shounen-ai or yaoi titles. :peek: And I might have to start reading Yotsuba& because it’s hilarious XD

I don’t really like anime like Bleach - even though it has katana and samurai (yay!) I just can’t get into it. :confused: Not my thing I guess. :slight_smile:

I used to watch Pokemon and Digimon some years ago. But I recently watched all of the first 3 seasons’ episodes of Digimon and I really enjoyed it :happy:
Also watched DB but it just got worse with DB Z.

Other Animes I watched/ am watching:

-Angelic Layer
Yea bit of Pokemon style but I love the scenario. “It’s an error that occured with the old prototypes: It’s a bug”. Yea as a fan of speedrunning I laughed so much at this point

One of my absolute favourites. The fansubbed version is better than the German dub, though.

-Love Hina

-Neon Genesis Evangelion
Just watched it some minutes ago. At first it’s very intrigueing but after eps. 14 it’s rather depressing. However, it’s worth watching.

-The Vision of Escaflowne
Also one of my favourites. Though it sometimes seems that it’s only made for girls in some scenes, I like the storyline and especially the ending of the series.

-Trinity Blood
First impression was quite bad, but the later eps. got much better than the first 2^^

Films so far are Pokemon 1-5 (1 was best, 3 was still ok but 4 and 5 are total crap, imo), Bokura no War game (digimon, Omnimon 4tw), Titan A.E., Final Fantasy: The Spirit within and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (last two are not real animes^^)

There’re prolly some more but not worth mentioning.

If you like really violent shounen anime, I would HIGHLY reccomend Blood+. It’s a combination vampire-esque (sort of), sword-fighting, and mystery-type anime that just totally gets you hooked.

The main character, Saya, seems to be an ordinary schoolgirl, albeit with a few quirks. She has the appetite of an elephant, needs regular blood transfusions for unknown reasons, and knows nothing about her past before one year ago. One day, she is suddenly attacked by a vampire-like creature known as a Chiropteran. Some stranger with a monstrous-looking hand forces her to drink his blood and hands her a sword…

5/5 Stars

It’s not available in English yet. I wouldn’t call this unfortunate, though, since the English dubs invariably suck. You can find it online to download (perfectly legal unless you live in Japan) with English subtitles at, along with many other series that may or may not be legal. (If it’s licensed in your country, it’s technically not legal. Otherwise, perfectly so.) You can also download it in High Quality AVI format via bittorrent.

I’ve given up on anime’s a long time ago, 99% of them is of poor animating quality anyway and with constantly reused drawings.
I used to follow Naruto, but once I’d watched all the episodes I went on reading the manga and forgetting the tv episodes, as of a half year ago I stopped Naruto altogether, bores the hell outta me.

If Berserk or Cowboy Bebop would still be made I’d watch those though, god I love those series.

I am quite fanatic when it comes to manga’s though, amongst my favorites:

Berserk, Leviathan, MPD-Psycho, Uzumaki (compl) (NOT naruto related!), Gantz, Battle Royal (compl), Biomega, Dorohedoro, Freesia, Jiraishin (compl), Skyhigh (-Karma), Abara and Zetman.

Most of these are considerably graphic (in the violent direction) but it’s really a form of surrealism that I find most interesting, apart from Gantz these manga’s have good stories and even though they’re really graphic this is all in fitting and well thought-through situations.

Most of what I just named is freely and legally downloadable in a translated version from:

An update on my situation:

  • Bleach: till episode 6x, don’t remember well. The fights are fun to watch.
  • Elfen Lied: completed. Loved the story and the characters.
  • Naruto: lost interest because it’s cheesy as hell to me.
  • Hellsing: almost no storyline, but again, the fights were fun.
  • Samurai Champloo: just began to watch. Cool fights.
  • Evangelion: forgot which episode I had to watch.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: just began to watch.
  • Berserk: depressing, but interesting.
  • Vampire Hunter D: not much storyline. Fun to watch anyway.
  • .hack//sign: completed. Loved it totally.The intriguing storyline kept me hooked for all the 26 and something episodes. There has not been an uninteresting episode. Loved the characters too. One thing: imo it ended too abruptly. They should have provided more explanations. It was like:
SPOILER - Click to view

Tsukasa went to Morgana, told it to go to hell, Aura awakened, and Tsukasa too. Tsukasa and Subaru meet IRL. The End. Everything in the arc of 43 milliseconds. They could have explained the whole deal about Harald, Morgana and Aura a little.

Looked it up on Wikipedia anyway.

For those who care, Bleach has just left it’s filler saga. Starting at episode 110, they’re back in the manga arcs.

Naruto will be (FINALLY!) leaving it’s STUPID, STUPID filler arcs on February 15, coming back as Naruto Shippuden (Hurricane Chronicles) and continuing from where it left off at episode 135. Three years later, and Naruto et all are older and much stronger. From someone who’s been keeping up with the manga even though the fillers left me wanting more, and ultimately made me quit on the anime, it’s going to be very much worth watching.

The fillers weren’t that bad. I very much enjoyed watching all of the mini-adventures, and the some of the episodes were extremely funny. But I am looking forward to Naruto Shippuden.

Right down to it, whether you liked the filler arcs or not all depends on your taste in anime. Oh, and before I leave…

/me finds and truits Fadem :truit:

Killing all of the “Narutards” would be killing a lot of innocent people…