Anime supporters !

/me RahXephon sucked, Fafner was ok, Evangelion was good… but they are NOT better =|

of course there are more mechs I’ve seen lol; these are from the category: Only the 14 year old boy can pilot it :happy:


  • The kid who is given command of an entire battalion
  • The sexually ambiguous general with a female-ninja-looking mech
  • The psychopath (who works for the army of course) with the HUGE mass-destruction mech
  • The dark guy with some gothic-looking mech
  • The big, strong and stupid guy with a fist-fighting mech
  • The knight with a sword-fighting mech (even if ultrapositronspacetimedisplacementbeamcannons are available)
  • The protagonist’s love interest who will get wounded even when her mech gets shot in its pinky finger
  • The gun lover, with his gun-loving mech (with infinite ammo if said guy is on the evil side, but with ammo that will run out when most needed if he’s on the good side)

/me is suprised to find two anime fans :happy:

horray for FMA too!

Well, I’m not an anime conoisseur, the above comes from my anime-game-playing. God I want a mech delivered here. NOW!

We should make an Anime-thread in the playground… though We would be the only one spamming in it (maybe Wolf too :razz: )

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freedom88 edit your first post and change the title to something you would like :smile:


You called? :cool:

lol @ Wolf…

Anyone recommend some good anime? … I’ve just finished the FMA series :sad:

Dragonball :grin:

Well, Dragonball is endless (ie peace doesn’t last for more than a week), so if you like storylines, it’s a little tough to watch.

lol true… but i’ve seen the whole series of that too … sigh

Then why don’t you post a list of anime you’ve seen? (It feels scary writing this since “anime” in my language means “souls”) :bored:

wow did’nt know anime meant souls in… er … italien?

…but i’ve only seen a few animes…

princess mononoke
grave of the fireflies
Full Metal Alchemist
Naruto (currently still watching)
Ninja scroll
Fist of the north star (movie)
Street fighter II

er… I think thats it really… any suggestions… i’m really getting into anime now :happy:!

Oh, I like anime. Basicially my whole Japanese class at uni is totally obsessed with it, lol. I can’t say I’ve seen nearly as much of it as they have (when I say they’re obsessed, I mean OBSESSED), but I still like it.

Ones I’ve seen:

  • Almost anything by Hayao Miyazaki, who is a total genius (except Howl’s Moving Castle, which I’m dying to see because the original book was written by my favourite author, Diana Wynne Jones)
  • Perfect Blue
  • NGE (but I didn’t really like this, I couldn’t understand it)
  • Sailor Moon (when I was little and they still showed it on TV)
  • Pokemon (only a few episodes)

… I guess I prefer the movies to the TV series, really.

My suggestions to Freedom (since you asked!):

  • Everything by Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki, they’re fantastic!
  • Inuyasha. I haven’t seen the anime version of this, but the manga is brilliant. Pretty violent, though.

I’m spamming my NOW WATCHING LIST (yeah u read that right, this is not all that I have seen, but what I’m currently watching)

Tsubasa Chronicle
The Law of Ueki
Speed Grapher (Nudity and graphical violence, be warned)
Mahou sensei negima :silent: (don’t watch it, really don’t)
Eyeshield 21
Honey & Clover (GREAT)
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Also Great but in a different way then H&C)
Gun x Sword
Zettai Shonen
Okusama wa Joshikosei
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV
Suzuka (If u like romance, watch this :grin:
Eien no Aseria - Aseria the Eternal
Tide-Line Blue
Amaede Naideyo/Amaede Yo/ Amaenaideyo (w/e XD)
Koi Koi Seven
Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

It used to be 25 anime at once, but I dont have that much time now :content:.


Air TV - 13 episodes (2005)
Samurai Champloo - 26 episodes (2004)
Monster - 70+ episodes (2004 - still running)
Akira - 1 movie (1988)
Honey and Clover - ??? (2005 - still running)
Shinsheiki Evangelion - 26 episodes (1995)

Notes on Air TV: It has GREAT (really, AMAZING) animation, it’s based on a hentai game… (apparently h-games in Japan have plot XD) its not ecchi, nor hentai, go see it ^^.

Wow thanks Stormthunder and Fadem … I’ve been meaning to see some stuff by Hayao Miyazaki, but just have’nt got around to it…

…and thats some watching list Fadem … wow lol… where do you get the time. Oh and my mate is lending me Air TV … yayyy and thanks for the sugestions :content:

(Oh forgot to say I watched Akira as well … Doh!)

Well, I’ve seen most of the ones freedom88 has listed on his post there.

Grave of the Fireflies - we own and it breaks my heart whenever I see it.

FMA - I love

Sailor Moon - was great w/out all the editing done for USA tv

I like Elfen Lied although it’s very graphic.

Vampire Hunter D or something like that. Very good.

Spirited Away

And thanks to Fadem I have a cool a** link.

Geez! What is the deal w/ Anime?
/me waits for the expected smack on the head.
I’ve only seen some of what they have on Starz (Well you know, some of the vampire ones anyway. I mean it’s vampires! Of course I’m gonna watch it, if there isn’t anything else on)
And I saw Spirited Away and various other kid’s cartoons more time than I like to remember. My kids love it. So why is it that everybody is so up on this stuff. What am I missing?

/me smacks Anamcara.

Gosh that felt good. Then you haven’t watched the right Anime. Most of what you see on tv isn’t really technically good.

They’re worth watching. Except if you just think of them as cartoons then you’ll never get it.

/me thinks maybe Iluminada put a little extra smack in there.

Ok, I’ll look for some by the Hayo guy and see for myself.