Any people here who sing?

just wondering…

I sing for fun, but not professionally. My dog is my main audience. :wink:

If you check out the Garden of Creation, I think there are a few threads where members sing and link to their stuff. The ones that come to mind first are whispa’s and Stormthunder’s.

Do you sing? :smile:

Sometimes! :smile: ^^

Was in musicals in school as a kid, sometimes. T’was fun :smile:

Erm, ERM, no?!

I think everyone sings, in some form! :smile:

I sing in the shower and when I’m alone in my house. I’m pretty good and thinking about starting a band with some friends but I’m still shy about singing in front of other people right now.

When the mood takes me.

I once posted a wav on the forum with me signing, it was in the old “record your voice” topic :tongue:

Maybe one day everyone in LD can sing one lyric to a song and we can put it all together! :smile:

I used to be in the choir. But the director was… disagreeable. Luckily, I’m no longer in that school.

I don’t think I’ll join in college, but… maybe… The people in choir are always fun.

Depends on your definition of “sing” :razz:

I also have a thread in GoC with links to my vocal endeavors.

Funny how minds can differ; I’m the exact opposite. :wink: Meaning that I feel self-conscious about singing while I’m alone but on the other hand am inclined to sing if I have an audience—particularly if I’m asked to sing, as I’ve been badgered by fellow students at school this past year. :roll: It was mostly joke songs and parodies; I never really thought I was much of a good singer. Maybe I am deep down…somewhere. :tongue:

I love singing. I know my voice is awful, but I do love forcing it upon other people. I sing in the shower, at work, in the home, pretty much everywhere. Usually it’s Bruce Springsteen, but it also varies with my mood, hahaha.

I love singing, i think i have a pretty good voice, But I’m terribly shy at that kind of stuff so when in public i sing bad on perpose.

I love singing :smile: I like taking part in school musicals and stuff like that. My favourite genre is probably musical theatre- I’d love to do that for a living, although my voice is havoc at the moment since it broke recently :neutral: Oh well, yeah I love to sing and do so at every opportunity :tongue:

i love singing! :content: and musicals! :nuu:
i’ve only sung professionally a few times. i’d love to be in musicals, though. i’d love to be mimi in rent! out tonight would be a little difficult, but i ROCK at the other stuff! :tongue: haha.

I try to train myself to sing like my favorite vocalists…

too bad they’re all male. :cry:

oo oo oo me!!

i sing!!!

i sing all the time, church, band, youth group anything

i love singing :smile: