any suggestions?

i will start by saying have personally had 3 lucid dreams in the… 2 or so years ive know about it (rarely trying)

i will try to keep this short. ;[

lately ive been getting amazingly good at dream recall (it was natural to remember…3-4 dreams a night and be aware but not lucid of all when i was…7-15ish)
now i can remember maybe 2 dreams in great detail mostly because i have a friend who for whatever reason loves hearing my random abstract illogical horrifying and weird dreams.

now. i have a very very very hard time getting to sleep…20 minutes on average because of constant turning, massive racing thoughts (such as thinking of events while playing 1 part of a song on repeat while also trying to focus on shutting these things up. so when i try wild i usually get very little success. the one time i almost did it with wild it felt as if it took almost an hour and i got to a stage where my body was vibrating heavily and i dont know why but i guess i freaked out.

i also wake up every 4 hours so if i slept at 8 i would wake up at 12 then go back to sleep and wake up at 4. during this gap ive tried wild and all it does is keep me awake and make it harder to go to sleep leading me to think making my body or mind to tense or not relaxed enough to go back to sleep.

lately ive been concentrating on breathing and i can get to sleep in about…7 minutes (going to sleep at about 5 am nightly)

so with all the data ive given on my sleep patterns. difficulty sleeping. past experiences. and current dream recall level…what would be some techs or methods
that could give the best success rate?

i use to have near god like dream sign notice and become aware but not lucid and it doesnt happen at all now.

I’d say if WILD isn’t working for you, you can try WBTB + MILD since you naturally
wake up after every 4 hours, you’d be fine with it.

I know exactly what you’re talking about though, WILD takes nearly forever
but when you finally master it. it’s damn well worth it

ill try mild tonight.

and hope it works ;[