Anyone ever eat a generous monkey mountain smoothiebox?

If so, could you please describe your experience?


When I was better at LDing (a few years back). For me it was really just a fancy way of morphing into someone else. To be more descriptive, all I did was walk up to DCs and attempt to phase through their body (with possession in mind). It works similarly to walking through walls. To make sure it worked I would look for the DC I jumped into (to make sure he wasn’t there anymore and that I was infact, him), check my hands to make sure they were his (skin tone, size, etc). I would also check mirrors to make sure I looked like the person. Personally, I’d rather just morph into somebody rather than fuse with another DC.

Anyone ever possess someone else in a lucid dream?

It depends what did you meant

If you meant controling DC’s mind, decisions, things that DC want to say, way it goes to act :

Yes. This is someone’s dream, and if someone can control lucid dream, She/He can fully control DCs.

If you meant entering so someone’s body - yep too. (up to me)

If you meant possesing someone real - NO

(How did i had idea to relping on question that i am sure you didnt asked ? :tongue: To be sure that… dies)

Well, if you mean by stepping out of your own dream body and into someone elses, Im pretty sure its possible, but I haven’t done it myself. But I can make people do my bidding while staying in my own body… :ebil:

Agreed to all above, i just “shifted” my mind into theirs.

If you are thinking about a real person, to my knowledge no i have never done that. That would involve shared dreaming and good recall from two people on both ends.

What are you all talking about?!?!?!?

What about the smoothiebox!!?!?!?!?!

Once I accidentaly possesed Spongebob Squarepants, obviously, it had disasterous results.

I used to possess people a lot when I was young. Usually if I wasn’t winning a battle.

lol “Stop hitting yourself!”
“Stop hitting yourself!”
makes person jump off a cliff
“Goodbye” :devil:

I haven’t done it in a while though.