Anyone had a DC tell them they're dreaming?


The other night, I had a dream that I was in math class with some friends. (I graduated about a month ago). So anyways, I’ve known about LD’s for a few years now, but I don’t make much of an effort to induce them on my own (if they happen, they happen- and they have a handful of times).

Anyway though, so I’m in this dream and a girl in the class walks up to the chalkboard and writes the message “You are dreaming.” At that point I reached lucidity, but it was pretty short-lived and I awoke soon after.

But, it felt odd that a DC explicitly told me I was dreaming, felt unusual. Is it?

I always like to think that there is a conscious me (the sentient being typing before you), and a subconscious me (one in charge of the background processes and natural things). In dreams, considering the fact that more often than not I am non-lucid, I like to think that it is that subconscious component that is regulating my dreams (trying its best to make the dream as realistic as possible, so that I don’t attain lucidity), whereas the conscious me is just experiencing the dream; playing out the story written by the subconscious if you will. So… why would my subconscious tell me that I was dreaming? It wasn’t voluntary- I wasn’t thinking about lucidity or anything before she wrote the message on the board (and likely wouldn’t have become aware if not for it). So… what gives?


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I have not had it happen to me, but I know it has happened and isn’t that rare of an occurrence to others.

I can’t think of any scientific reason except maybe (For whatever reason.) your brain was proccessing a thought about lucid dreaming or about dreams themselves. Perhaps she could of wrote any word on that board and you were lucky and got “dream”.

Or maybe you were already close to an LD and your subconcience knew this?

Maybe you could return the favour next time by telling a dream charecter they’re dreaming? Maybe they’ll get “lucid”. :tongue:

This happened to me recently. Second to last entry in my DJ It seems perfectly normal. Don’t you talk to yourself in real life? In dreams that voice is merely personified.

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I’ve never had a DC tell I’m dreaming but I have tried to convince DCs that they are not real and they are just in a lucid dream. Believe me they do not like it when you do that. :eek:
The Luciddator :eek:

Yes, my grandma screamed it at me til i was lucid once…

I’ve had a DC tell me I’m dreaming before, but I didn’t believe them. I was sure banging my head on the wall when I woke up.

I take that back, I have had it happen to me.
One of my friends (DC) told me I was dreaming while I was in a parking garage and they told me I could do anything, even fly, and they flew out of the garage.

I didn’t become lucid, kind of a slap in the face when I woke up.

I had a DC tell me they were dreaming the other night, but I hadn’t realised that it was in fact my dream…

My DC’s are mostly skeptical at the thogut that this is a dream (but not so much as some here have experienced…)
I had a dream where two DC’s of ppl i know (DSD :razz: ) told me i was dreaming .
it happens with me , but not often …

I’d say 80% of the time my DCs almost always act the same way they are IRL, and usually don’t notice me.
The Luciddator

I can recall one time when I was hiding from a bear, my friend was laughing and I asked what so funny. He thought it was funny that I did not know it was a dream but he knew. As I am the one telling him about lucid dreaming and he is the one who never follows mydirectionson that. So he revealed the fact that this was a dream. The student outdid the teacher, as it were.

I don’t think your theory of a conscious and a subconscious “you” is correct, but assuming it was, why would the subconscious you want to keep the conscious you from lucid dreaming? I suppose that even if it was so, the subconsious is so often assumed to work in illogical ways, that it revealing the dreamstate makes sense, just because it does not make sense in regards to the position of keeping you from lucid dreaming. Thereby proving that the subconscious does not always make sense.
This is similar to the SC trying to make things as realistic as possible, but sometimes throwing in a pink elephant.

I don’t have a lot experience talking to DC’s, but many times I don’t believe they are just dream characters, especially these ones that warn you things. I think maybe calling them just “dream characters” is not seeing their real value. I don’t know exactly, but I strongly believe we can deal with real entity in our dreams, like your spirit guide, for exemple.

Try calling that girl in your next LD and talk to her.

ye in my dream my teacher called all the school to the hall to announce an announcement. She told us we were all dreaming HAAHA! nd i became lucid after that followed by a FA. preettyy random!

hasn’t happened to me, but I talked to DCs about lucid dreaming quite a few times.

No i havent had them outrightly say im lucid – ive had them sing about it and talk about dreams and lucidity :lol:

I have tried to ask a DC to remind me when im lucid once, but no luck as of yet :sad:

OMG1 that is sooo cool ! i wish my Dc’s told me. i think it has to do with ur brain and how it reminds u what u were thinking or wanting…

I haven’t had them tell my I am In a dream, but I have had one remind me to do last month’s quest. I was already Lucid when he reminded me anyway…
(The quest was…Quest for October: listen)

when i’ve been semi-lucid ive asked DC’s if i am dreaming but they never say yes. They normally say well maybe, or ‘I’m not sure’ or something.

I never had a character tell me, but I had a dog with white cape fly right in front of me, so I might as well have been told :content: