Anyone out there REAL close?

SO here’s my status:
I can remember at least 2 dreams, vivid, sprawling ,fantastic dreams. every night. its been a while since i did wake back to bed with WILD, so i think that may help. My dreams are full of dreamsigns, so i think i should be able to recognize something. i’ve been trying on and off for about a month now, constantly using dream herb calea Z to hopefully expidite my LDing. when i consciously do WILD, i get to the point where i have sudden flashes of total clarity, small bits and snippets of information, just letting myself go.

ANYONE ELSE sensing how close you may be>? anyone wanna see if they can get to LDing before me? (only those who haven’t plz)

anyhow, happy dreaming

“let the WILD rumpus begin” maurice sendak


You are there,expect it anyday now.You have pretty good results as for 1 mnth trying.So fear not its just knocking on yer door:)
Ps,Tho i dont now how calea may interfere with it

Even though I havent been using any chemicals/food/herbs and have been only doing this for a week, I can remember dreams and know that I am having them. I will take up your challenge.

Excellent signature btw desigirl31:)Id like to live in neighbourhood:)

i had a dream:

“fragmented, and totally my fault for being so”

it was me, nate, mollie, john, dad, and ann. i felt bad because suzanne and mum were’nt there. we were in a ficticious place, in california. there was an enourmous gorgeous cove below the house. tha land was shaped like a finger, swooping in the ocean waves. i could see the cliffs of rock, playing against the waves. we were in johns new house, which he had designed. i remember most of us were a little drunk, and genuinely happy to see each other. john was cooking something delicious, molly and ann were talking, and nate and i were catching up. its been more than 5 years. i recall a happy dog running around the house, nate petting it. stacks of NES games are on the island south of the main kitchen area. i begin to stack them up, titles that never were. a supermario collection, for NES. some sort of fighting game, virtua fighter, for NES. there must have been at least 15 total. i remember offering nate one of my nintendos. he accepted. the end of the dream was gorgeous, we were all enjoying a wonderful meal outside, of spiced chicken sandwiches and brews, all the while gazing down from the stratosphere to the cape. i remember asking “where are we exactly again” because i didn’t know. both of them just repeated what they said earlier. i knew that all of us were happy, especially the dog. the end of the dream involved a spontaneous flashback involving john and my dad prancing around the house, painting the house. “clean like an avalanche”, the calm before the storm. comparing house painting to both weather and to classical music structure, just like my wacky idealistic dream dad would. prancing around, painting things a gorgeous brown red…

this i know:
my dreams ARE becoming increasingly visual, ARE becoming increasingly memorable, ARE becoming increasingly random in an interesting way. my dreams, are much, much better than my reality. and i wouldn’t have it any other way. everytime i go to sleep with the intention of dreaming something, i do. everytime i do wake back to bed method, i know i’m dreaming in the dream, yet that doesn’t matter when i am. i know i will have a lucid dream. i know as of yet, that someday in the future, i will have a marvelous, magical LD. as i say in the forums, “LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN”

there was a song by nicolette, “ddddddreaaaaaming… dddddreammmming offf you…”
“what can i do, but dddddreammm of youuu…”

(dreaming of you)

I think I’m getting ever closer to a WILD every day. i recall last night, instead of waiting to dream, sitting there waiting for hypnagogic sounds and images, vibrations, and the rest of the so called “symptoms” of wild, i just started to let my mind wander, as if in a dream. i began to visualize places and people, and i could move around pretty easily. yet i don’t think i fell asleep, and i don’t think i had an LD. but yet, i think having a dream mindset, and just letting your mind go, to create scenerios, and FOCUS yourself on that, is a significant step (for me) in having a WILD.

“let the WILD rumpus begin” ~~sendak


im probably really close since the past couple of days i’ve had brief lucidity at the end of my dreams (which is a bit unfair cause by the time i realise im dreaming im usually about a second from waking up)