Archangel's Challenge: Mission Three Active!

Just cause I think he’d like in on it… but he can start late, can’t he? Expect my first orders later today!

And stop talking with capitol “Q’s!”

Even at the beggining of sentences?!?

Anyway, reporting in and all that jazz.

KocoBassa (Wonderbread) reporting for duty!!! salute :happy:

…did I over do it?

I don’t remember this one giving the proper soul offering to be considered an Archangel. If not, I will be happy to let Jack do the gruesome work.

I’d like some practise, It has been awhile.

On a more serious note, when does the task at hand come to our attention?

Right then, first task! But wait, we need to know the rules.

These missions must be completed in your dreams, whether they are ND’s or LD’s, though you will recieve more Prestige for doing it in an LD. What is Prestige? Good question my young minion…

While we work in the shadows, we must become known to the world, namely the dream world. For completing my missions, you gain the Archangels prestige, which in turn gives you Prestige Points. Completing different missions in different ways will gain you more Prestige.

Don’t confuse this with the LC. Rather than competing against eachother, we all work together. Each mission has a certain Prestige quota (notice the lowercase “q”, GHOSTIE?) that we have to make if we are to ever become as well known as we should be.

As your benevolent leader, I like to reward you from time to time. Whoever earns enough points to put us over our quota gets to plan the next mission. Mind you, I am also participating, so it’s never a sure thing I won’t be planning the next mission.

Finally, Non-Archangels are allowed to participate as mercenaries, but you will only earn 1/2 of the normal Prestige (rounding up to the nearest 1 as needed).

So, let’s begin, shall we? I’ll give you a simple starting task with a low Quota…

Mission One
Ok everyone, let’s get our act together. We need to make sure everyone knows how to get to our [color=red]SECRET BASE OF OPERATIONS!!![/color]. Also, if we are to ever expand our influence, we will need a few safehouses.

Prestige Quota: 10

Prestige Points:
Finding the Secret Base of Operations: 2 Prestige
Meeting Fernando, Geff, Ambrogio or MechaGodzilla (whether in base or not): 4 Prestige
Creating/discovering a new Safe House: 4 Prestige
Seeing the Archangels symbol in any dream: 1 Prestige
Drawing/painting/etc. the Archangels symbol in any dream: 2 Prestige
Edit: Meeting another Archangel: 4 Prestige

Good luck. Between all of us we should hit that quota pretty fast.

[color=red]For the safety of this operation, eat this message after reading and memorizing… printer may be necesarry[/color]

/me enters the room with a brand new haircut with it styled nicely, white blazer with a black dress shirt underneath, brand new tailored dress pants… and of course a pair of shiny black sunglasses.

Let’s do this!

/me cheers a bit and leaves.

hahah, this is brilliant! probably more fun than the LC for me personally, since I tend to enjoy co-op more than… deathmatch :grin:

My DR and skills are kinda… terrible atm, so I’ll just spy on the action :tongue:

Have fun / good luck!

And good luck to you, mattias! Remember, you can earn more points if you actually join us!

Imma find Gef, for he is my mongoose, and we are bros.

lol Doing this stuff in a normal dream would probably take more effort than an LD.

/me sits down with my pen and paper and takes score

Ill try to build us a new safehouse with a portal to the secret base :cool_raz:

/me lets his mind work for its own in this Mission

What about meeting Jack? Jack Sweeny, my black and white capuchin. D= And who is Ambrogio? And why do we need a new safe house? And can you post the archangel’s symbol on the first post. :razz:

Ambrogio, the Armadillo! And I’ve never seen a picture of Jack Sweeney in the Archangel’s topic, therefor he doesn’t exist :tongue:. I’m sure you can fix that, though. We need safe houses so we can easily hide in other places when need be. And yes, I can post the symbol.

Quite low Quota if you ask me, but good point to start with a low one :grin: /me goes to bed now in hope to make a safehouse linked to the base :cool:

Yeah, I want people to get a feel for how it works. If each of us does just a little, even if only unconsciously in an ND, then we should reach it pretty fast.

In an ND last night I was on the starship Enterprise as it was experiencing technical difficulties. Another space ship run by alien Archangels showed up and fixed the ship in exhange for internet service :tongue:

That’s 4 Prestige, just 6 more until we reach our quota.

I remember I was in a hangar or something where you announced the results, insanely high numbers :tongue: and siiw was an archangel too :cool: I dont remember what our mission was :meh:

Dream found here :cool:

Haha, I’ll count that as finding our secret base and meeting an Archangel (me, Siiw doesn’t count :tongue:), so that’s a total of 6 Prestige. Together with my 4 we have completed the first Mission!!! :slide:

So GHOSTIE, PM me with an idea for the second mission or let me decide.

Everyone else, keep up with Mission One! The points keep going up for now, so anything we get together now will apply toward the next goal!